Damasko Watches

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Page and Cooper are proud to have been appointed Authorised UK Dealers for Damasko watches. Since the birth of the company in 1994, Petra and Konrad Damasko have been lauded for their innovative approach to design, construction and their technical solutions which have challenged the world of watchmaking.

Damasko watches have tested and patented over twenty new super hard alloys for their watch cases and components.

As an example of Damasko innovation Damasko theorised that through the most recent technological research that coatings made of various layers of amorphous carbon (Diamond Like Carbon/ DLC) where probably the most advanced solutions available to create a dry escapement. Why a dry escapement? The Swiss Anchor Escapement has been the most precise and reliable escapement for aytomatic watches, however to function accurateley this type of movement needs to be serviced and lunbricated every 2-3 years (depending on the environment in which the watch is being used)  A poorly lubricated movement can lead to poor accuracy or even damage.

This is just one of the many ways Damasko are innovating Others are; special seals with reduced diffusion tendency, oils for extreme temperature range, double eccentric winding system, spring and escapement of polysilicon, four-point micro hybrid bearing for rotor and winding.

In 2010, Damasko joined an elite group of manufacturers who have produced their own movement, the Calibre Designated A35. Today, Damasko can proudly boast their ability to produce more than 90% of their own components 'in-house'.

Page and Cooper will carry as wide a stock as possible of Damasko watches. However, due to current demand, some watches now have a waiting list of up to five months. Although we try to forward order as many pieces as possible, and we do have some available for immediate delivery, we urge you to contact us.

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