Squale Watches

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The great Swiss tradition of precision watchmaking, combined with a love of the sea and diving, were the two factors that led C. Von Büren to work exclusively on the construction of professional divers’ watches from the early 1950's.

Initially the 'Squale' mark appeared on the cases of Swiss watches of various makes, as a symbol of quality and fine production. In the 1960's, Von Büren started to produce watches bearing the Squale mark on their dial, starting the brand’s professional and commercial history. First of many sporting successes was with the World diving title won in Cuba in 1968. The 1970's saw the birth of the first '1000 metre' watch with sapphire crystal and a revolutinary bezel which only moved after the wearer intentionally depressed the bezel.

Squale continued to produce for other brands and started to supply the elite corps of a number of armed forces, such as Italy’s Folgore Brigade and the Italian Navy’s Diving Corps.

The name Squale has become synonymous with quality and is the benchmark for divers’ watches Internationally. A status it has enjoyed for several decades.

Squale watches are entirely Swiss made with a tradition of precision watch making, combined with solidity and durability. The case is made from Swiss 316L steel. Black PVD coating on Squale Watches is by Beretta the World famous gun manufacturer. All components are Swiss, winders, winder sleeves and gaskets. These are essential parts for a watch that has to withstand high pressures and salt water. Squale Watches are painstakingly assembled by master watchmakers, taking the greatest care over the fitting of the gaskets and ensuring that each case is airtight. Every watch then undergoes strict examination, with regard to water resistance and timekeeping accuracy. Quality tests are performed on every single watch and not on a sampling basis. The movement’s reliability is certified by the fact that Squale has always been a direct customer of the ETA Factory at Grenchen, guaranteeing that all movements are of the finest quality.