At Page and Cooper as we state many times, we live and breathe watches. They are our passion. We do nothing else, we take pride in every item we select, sell or, produce ourselves.

The watch strap is often seen just as an extra to a watch. Not in our eyes. We are of the opinion that the design and quality manufacture of a strap is as important as the watch itself and with strap change becoming as easy as it now is, anyone can team colours and fabrics to complement any selection of clothing.

Our design team have created a unique range of colours and textures which you will like and which we upgrade periodically to match seasons and styles. If you see a watch strap you like, order it. Stocks are always limited, new colours and fabrics pass and are gone and, once they are gone, they’re GONE.

Page and Cooper watch straps are exclusively made to our exact specifications. Leathers are dyed to our requirements and nylon and cloth bands have stain resistant properties introduced during manufacture. All our hardware uses superior 295 stainless steel embossed as and when necessary.

We are immensely proud of our watch straps. We buy direct and to our designs and we sell them singly, in sets of 3 and in sets of 6 different colour ways. Great value. If you buy a watch from us all straps at the time of purchase are discounted and supplied in an attractive wallet.

So, ring in the changes with Page and Cooper straps. You will be surprised at how a change of fabric and/or colour will enhance the look of your favourite timepiece!

Straps & Bracelets

£16.67 Ex. VAT £20.00 Inc. VAT