Time flies! A review of 2013 at Page and Cooper

2013 has been an amazing year for all of us at Page and Cooper. We really appreciate all the kind words and support shown by you our loyal customers, and of course our chosen watchmakers.

It’s our mission to bring you and great watches together. With many exciting things planned in 2014… as they say, ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet!’


We paid our first visit to Squale watches. We wanted to learn as much as we could about this wonderful watchmaker and their amazing heritage. Still family owned, we visited their Swiss workshops to see for ourselves what superb value these genuinely Swiss-made watches are. The wonderful level of craftsmanship is the same today as it was in the 50’s and 60’s.


In February we received a phone call from the legendary Sinn Watches in Frankfurt. We had been talking to Sinn for a long long time and when Lothar Schmidt and his team invited us to tour the Sinn factory, their research laboratory and watchmaking school to chat watches, we grabbed the first flight to Frankfurt that we could. 


Another fine German watchmaker joins us. Damasko, with their stunning range of nickel-free, ice-hardened stainless steel watches. With amazing technology, Damasko are truly looking to push watch technology into a new era, with their own cases, modifications and in-house movements.


April brings Baselworld, the world’s largest watch show in Switzerland. Jaguar cars provided us with a gorgeous Jaguar XJ Portfolio to take a swift and comfortable drive down to this year’s new and even larger show. We were keen to see the latest developments in the watch industry and see some of the latest releases from our favourite manufacturers.


May saw the introduction of the new WRV watches from Ralf Tech, a brand new watch with all the great features of its big 47.5mm brother, but with an elegant 70’s cushion case design. They’ve proved hugely popular, with a long waiting list for some models!


Those nice people at Muhle Glashutte lent us some new prototypes; the M29, Seebataillon and Rasmus 2000. Of course, we did some quick videos so we could share this exclusive with you. We love our YouTube channel. It’s a great way for us to show you all the things we are excited about and those watches that really excite us.


Page and Cooper spent a fantastic day down by the sea with the exciting new English watch company Elliot Brown. We were wowed by Elliot Brown’s attention to detail and their enthusiasm and were very pleased to welcome these fantastic watches on board.


Page and Cooper are proud to support the charity Little Havens Hospice who provide support and end-of-life care to youngsters. We were lucky enough to be invited by Dave Richards and his team for an exclusive tour of the famous Prodrive factory near Oxford where many many legendary rally, race and road cars have been created. All proceeds from this wonderful event were donated straight to Little Havens, thanks to Prodrive’s generosity.


We popped back to Squale to secure some very special new releases including the new blue 1521, bead blasted 1521 and a very special watch to be announced in early 2014...WATCH this space!

September also saw our big charity fund raiser of the year again in aid of Little Havens Hospice. Ross Brawn and his lovely wife Joan were our guests of honour at a fine dinner held at the British Racing Drivers Club. Ross gave us a fascinating insight into  his career from his first days at Williams F1 to Benetton,  the dominant Schumacher years with Ferrari, Championship winning Brawn GP and then on to Mercedes GP. 

Highlight of the evening for us was at the charity auction when Joan Brawn bought one of our own Page and Cooper paintings for Ross himself. Commissioned and donated by Page and Cooper and created by our own exclusive artist Danielle.


Page and Cooper moved into new modern air-conditioned showrooms in Elstree Hertfordshire. Actually, in the original Sellotape building! With ample private parking and only 25 minutes by train from Central London, pop in some time, we are always happy to see you!

During October we also, at last, had a chance to visit Damasko just outside Munich. We’ve been trying to arrange this visit for ages, but Damasko have just been so busy keeping up with demand for their sought after watches. Watches like the DA36 have achieved a cult status. 

We were amazed by how much Damasko make in-house, from turning rods of ice-hardened steel into cases and even making their own in-house movements. Even their watch tools are manufactured in-house! There are amazing things coming from Damasko…again watch this space!


In London we are very lucky to have a fantastic annual watch show called SalonQP. What we particularly like about SalonQP is that each watch manufacturer is given the same amount of display space. There is no room for large show stands. Situated in the wonderful Saatchi Gallery, SalonQP is literally a blank canvas where the watches do the talking.


December, of course has proved seasonally and sensationally busy for us. Excited for the arrival of the new Squale 1521 in blue or super matt. 

2014 will be amazing so please make sure you are on, or you join, our mailing list. You won’t want to miss out!

All of us at Page and Cooper wish you a very happy and healthy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.