NTH. Classic Style at Accessible Prices.

At Page and Cooper we are always on the look out and eager to talk to watchmakers with a new and exciting take on the art.

Now we introduce to you NTH (Nod to History) as one such company. We have been talking to them and watching their progress for some time and this is one North American brand that we are really excited about.



chris smallThe Company was founded by Chris Vail, a U.S. Military Veteran with one simple guiding principal. To sell an excellent product at a fair price and back it up with outstanding service. No pomp, no fuss, just exceptional work. Vail is always keen to emphasise just how much thought goes into the design and manufacture of each and every NTH watch.

Using a vintage theme in paying homage to classic Sub designs, the brand takes inspiration from the legends of the past, but at the same time ‘pushes the envelope’ whilst always staying faithful to the original source of inspiration. NTH Sub watches trace their heritage back to the military diving watches of the post war period. NTH combines classic, rugged style with the most up to date modern capabilities. Each Sub shares the same purpose-orientated big-crown, no-crown guard case with a slightly raised double-domed anti-reflective sapphire crystal and no nonsense minimal case back. Having increased water resistance, steel bezel and limed markers, the case is thinner than the originals. More streamlined, with chamfered sides and downward curving lugs which give a wrist hugging silhouette.

Every NTH Sub has a ‘personality’ of its own and is an honest interpretation of the military dive watch it represents but with the addition of major new add-on capabilities. These attractive watches already have a cult following.


They are fun and affordable and Page and Cooper, having been appointed sole UK partners, are pleased to add NTH to their selection.

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