Vulcain - Own a Piece of Diving Watch History

Vulcain Nautical Watches

At Page and Cooper we love truly fascinating watches, and with this in mind we have been working closely with Vulcain to introduce their stunning watches to a wider public.

As you know we take pride in seeking and stocking only the most intriguing timepieces from around the World. Those that are well designed, beautifully made, rare, long lasting and, perhaps most importantly, watches that have a rich history and an interesting story to tell.

When seeking watches with a rich history and interesting story, no Company fits the bill better than Vulcain with the Nautical Heritage and Nautical Seventies ranges.

Our discerning clientele have made these classic dive watches a great success at P & C. They are not merely recreations of classic diving watches but watches that contain the unique in-house Vulcain Cricket movements within their special resonating case backs.

Our selections  of these desirable watches is now down to the last handful and we have been told by our friends, the makers in Le Locle (Vulcain's headquarters) that in the case of the Heritage watch there are just two still available.

Vulcain Nautical Watches

Not content with pioneering the world’s first wristwatch alarm function in 1947, Robert Ditisheim, descendent of the firm’s founding family, wanted a new challenge to further the function and performance of the Vulcain brand.

Vulcain Nautical Watches

The diving watches that followed were groundbreaking. Vulcain successfully implemented the now legendary cricket alarm function on a watch designed for use at depths surpassing 300m. A feat not thought possible on a case crafted to be absolutely and completely watertight.

A unique triple caseback allowed the alarm function to be heard clearly at any depth. This functionality was necessary to alert the diver as to when he should begin his ascent. 

You can read more about Vulcain Nautical dive watches and their place in diving history on a blog we posted earlier this year.

Vulcain Nautical Watches

A rare example of the Vulcain Cricket Nautical (pictured), the first mechanical alarm diving watch capable of descending to 300m, sold for a modest $4,000, when it crossed the block at Bonhams in Hong Kong during the summer.

The version sold was one of 300 produced in 1970 with a rotating dial design that featured decompression tables to aid the wearer when diving.

As sole UK Vulcain resellers, Page and Cooper are delighted to be able to offer the exact re-creations of the famous Vulcain Nautical dive series.

The Heritage, a faithful reissue of Hans Keller’s groundbreaking dive watch. 

 Vulcain Nautical Watches

The Nautical Seventies period diving watch.

Vulcain Nautical Watches

Not to be confused with modern interpretations of classic dive watches, these models are made to the same exacting standards as the originals, by a small team of just 13 watchmakers located in Le Locle, Switzerland.

You can watch the ‘hands on’ review below where we take a detailed look at the craftsmanship that goes into each and every watch.

Each of these watches comes with a 4-year warranty, The way the warranty works, is that at the end of 2 years, you return the watch to Page and Cooper, and we will return it back to Switzerland on your behalf.

The original watchmaker will inspect it to make sure that everything is working to a satisfactory standard. Once that is completed, you will receive another 2 years warranty.

Vulcain Nautical Watches

Vulcain are a bespoke atelier, making unique movements, with unique features, using the same traditional techniques.

This culminates in a collection of timepieces that are truly special.

This is your chance to own a piece of the story, and with that, a presence on the landscape of early dive watches.