A Special Bond

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Page and Cooper were thrilled to be invited by bespoke tailor Timothy Everest to celebrate their involvement with the new James Bond movie Skyfall. The venue was the wonderful 2&8 Club, one of London’s premier spots at the base of the famous Mortons’ of Berkeley Square.   We have long been fans, and indeed clients of Tim and his ‘new bespoke movement’ of tailoring, so it came as no surprise that Tim had a hand in designing and tailoring for the new character of Gareth Mallory (played by Ralph Fiennes).   The evening was entitled ‘Drink, Dine, Dress like 007’ and indeed we did.   Aston Martin kindly set the stage by popping along in a beautiful Aston Martin Rapide, bearing the legendary number plate AML 1. A selection of mannequins graced the room, dressed in a selection of styles that Bond in all his incarnations wore, from Connery to Moore, Brosnan to Craig et all. ***We must mention here that we have had the pleasure of meeting Roger Moore several times, he used to come and sing to this author's daughter every morning, when staying at a hotel, even though she had no idea who he was!! A charming and more elegant man you could not hope to meet!  

Drinks where chosen and introduced by the ever charming and affable Tom Harrow, known to us all as "The Wine Chap", and featured the following: 

Vesper Martini’s (Casino Royale)

Comte de Champagne (From Russia with Love) 

Dom Perignon (Spy Who Loved Me, Dr. No, Thunderball etc etc) 

Isake Classic (You only Live Twice)

Cerro Del Masso Chianti (From Russia With Love)

Chateau Batailley 5th Growth (Devil May Care)

Solerp 1842 VOS Oloroso (Diamonds are Forever)

  We had the privilege of meeting some fascinating people including; Jany Temime, costume designer for the latest Bond film and Harry Potter, Dave Millar, one of the UK’s most respected road racing cyclists, and journalist and TV presenter, Matt Barbet.   We had to choose the right choice of watch for the evening, we thought of a modern twist of Bond, he would wear something hard wearing, tactical and exclusive! The ideal choice for us was the Ralf Tech WRX Hybrid, the official choice of several of the World Elite Special Forces and made in exclusive runs of just 500.

Of course the dress code was impeccable, as all of the gentleman and a few ladies shared one thing in common, we were all dressed by Timothy Everest.