A Stitch In Time

Tuesday evening brought an extremely exciting collaboration for Page and Cooper. An evening dedicated to celebrating beautiful watches and Timothy Everest bespoke tailoring.

The Stitch In Time event brought together modern watchmaking and fashion with the help of our good friends, the talented team at Timothy Everest.

The idea behind A Stitch in Time came out of a desire to showcase a selection of the beautiful and truly unique timepieces that we stock at Page and Cooper alongside bespoke Timothy Everest tailoring. The event was held at the Timothy Everest atelier in London. The perfect venue to display these special watches, they were paired with Timothy Everest pieces and displayed beautifully on vintage furniture.

The period features in each room such as the vintage fireplaces and distressed leather sofas provided a stunning backdrop for the watches. The watches were showcased throughout the house in the character-filled rooms and paired with Timothy Everest tailoring and accessories that perfectly complimented each individual watch brand and style.

Guests were able to handle the pieces and really get a feel for each of the watch brands. The pieces weren’t behind glass, out of reach as they often are at watch exhibitions and shows, they were right there to pick up and examine.

At Page and Cooper we have the extreme pleasure of working with brands who we think are some of the very best watchmakers from across the world and we wanted to bring a selection of them together in one place. We were lucky enough to have Autodromo, Halda, Elliot Brown, Squale, Sinn and Mühle Glashütte all under one roof.  

A Stitch In Time gave guests the chance to see these individual timepieces up close and really appreciate the amount of detail and craftsmanship that goes in to each and every piece.

The flow of the space meant guests were free to wander amongst the rooms taking in the watches and talking to the very people who created the timepieces! A truly unique experience for any watch lover or indeed fashion lover. Guests included influential male fashion writers and bloggers as well as journalists, watch lovers and of course family and friends.

We were lucky enough to involve Morgan Cars with the event as well, they brought along the Brooklands Edition car which was parked outside the atelier and certainly got more than a few admiring glances from guests. Like us, Morgan Cars value their ‘moment in time’ and are passionate about their heritage which is even more relevant and special in the modern world.

There were even some world exclusives on the night with new Autodromo Prototipo colours revealed for the very first time by Bradley Price.

It was also the ideal opportunity for us to showcase our very own unique collaboration with Squale. We have worked with Squale using vintage bezels to create a range of distinctive watches that we can’t wait to tell you more about soon.

We are passionate about the traditions of watchmaking which intrinsically fascinate and delight in a high speed digital world and feel the evening perfectly combined the heritage and stunning design of everyone involved from the watchmakers to Morgan Cars and of course Timothy Everest.

The combination of tailoring and watches at A Stitch In Time created a truly unforgettable evening that we hope will be the first of many collaborations to come.