A Timely Reminder

We've been saying it for a long time now and many clients have already heeded our advice but if you think that the genuine Swiss automatic watch is expensive…

You ain't seen nothing yet!

Look, let's go back to basics. We have taken for granted the existence of these beautiful little mechanical marvels strapped to our wrists and accurate to a minimum of 0.031% a day. Tough, rugged, resistant to a wide variety of temperatures and serviceable for a lifetime. Can you imagine the excitement a tech manufacturer could create with a phone or smart watch that could achieve anywhere near this performance.

Now we are not talking here about the hyper expensive 'luxury' watches endorsed by Hollywood stars and available from the numerous 'watch boutiques' in the most prestigious shopping streets in London. We are talking about watches available for the discerning and knowledgeable watch enthusiast from us, Page and Cooper. We have spent and continue to spend years finding and working intimately with the smaller passionate brands, long established family businesses who literally make up to a few hundred watches a year. These are watchmakers who offer horological beauties of tremendous value for money. Watches that we believe can stand tall alongside 'famous' brands and, in many cases, offer even better value for money.

It is our opinion that yesterday's news from the Swiss Central Bank will have a marked effect on prices over the coming year. If you have your heart set on a watch that you have been mulling over, then it might be prudent to move sooner rather than later.

You may well think that we would say this but let me tell you that we have some watches coming through that are genuinely stunning in terms of design, quality and technical innovation. I have put my money where my mouth is (and despite being in the industry, I still have to negotiate with my 'better half' before every acquisition!).

Take a look at some of our watches and do a like-for-like comparison. The Squale Bronze Master with Dubois Depraz power reserve, the stunning Sinn 140 with Sinn's highly modified SZ01 movement, the frankly ridiculous value of Marathon's genuine Military issue Swiss made watches, Damasko's technology and in-house modification and movement. We could go on and on.

Yes, yesterday's news from the Swiss Central Bank will have a marked effect on watch manufacturing and prices will rise. Even our most self-sufficient manufacturers have to buy Swiss components and the cost of these have already been rising.

Now may indeed be the time to buy that 'special watch'. With our personal advice always available over the phone, by email or personal visit combined with the quality and value our manufacturers’ offer, you won't go wrong.