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At Page and Cooper we, as a team, have always been dedicated to sourcing uniquely individual watches that appeal to the true timepiece enthusiast, establishing relationships with these brands through constant communication and focused collaboration.

Choosing the road less travelled by not concentrating on selling household luxury brands churned out in copious quantities sets us apart from most retailers and watch boutiques. It’s what makes us tick!

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Completing that special pairing between an intriguing watch and just the right customer, many of whom we now count amongst our friends, is the foundation on which we have built Page and Cooper.

We are proud to partner with all our watchmakers, many of whom are small privately-owned manufacturers and in some cases family run businesses. Without the benefit of expansive warehouse and logistical space, for the most part, watches are made on receipt of an individual order. Made to fulfil your order, now that isn’t something you hear every day!

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A prime example of this is Squale – more often than not the pieces we have on pre-order have sold before having left Switzerland.

We know just how challenging it can be in the modern world of instant downloads and push-button gratification to hang on until that final moment, but as the adage goes . . . Good things come to those who wait and our watches are worth every minute.

As part of our order process, we connect with manufacturers on an almost daily basis and keep customers up to date on the progress of their bespoke-made watch with key stages being assembly, QC testing and finally, shipment. We work closely in partnership with our manufacturers to keep up with demand and our Sinn 104 customers will know that due to its popularity, it often outstrips Sinn's manufacturing capacity.


Exclusivity used when referencing luxury pieces such as watches should conjure images of rarity and distinctiveness. We would argue that when made in per-annum batches numbering the hundreds of thousands they are anything but. In striving for that rare factor by painstakingly labouring over individual pieces, some of our watches are only made in the hundreds per annum, and in some cases, the production run will not exceed double figures. We think our customers agree that is a great incentive.

So scarce are some of these watches that we would love to have more back to re-sell as pre-owned but the irrefutable fact remains that once worn, people just don’t want to part with them. We take this to be testimony in itself. A recent example of this is our Squale Vintage Master limited edition – so treasured were they that of the 60 pieces sold, only one came back for resale.

That is why we work with some exceptional watchmakers in the industry and are currently collaborating on a few extraordinary projects which we hope will give you as much pleasure and excitement as we have had to create them.

Jonathan interview with Bradley from Autodromo

At Page and Cooper, we showcase watches that are rare, built to the highest of standards by true craftsmen which we trust will prove to be collectable in the future. We might not be able to give you an easy life…..but we can at least, have our cake and eat it!