An Iconic Timepiece Evolved – The Autodromo Group B Evoluzione

Autodromo Group B Evoluzione

The Group B era of racing was all about minimalism, new materials, technological innovation, bright colours, bold designs and speed. No one understands this better than Autodromo, and last year’s Group B captured the spirit of the era perfectly.

Now we’re excited to present the special edition of the Group B watch, which references the 80s rally car scene once again – the Group B Evoluzione.

Group B Evoluzione Side Shot

Just as rally cars would have an Evo version, a lighter, faster and more powerful version, limited to 200 models for homologation purposes, the Group B Evoluzione is bigger, lighter and limited to – you guessed it – 200 pieces.

The Group B Evoluzione comes in two styles, both with the silver sunburst finish – your choice is either the blue or yellow features on the dial. Like the original model, the ever reliable Japanese Miyota 9015 automatic movement is encased in titanium core, the case itself has been upgraded from stainless steel to CNC aluminium. The detailing on the aluminium case is perhaps the most instantly recognisable difference between the two models.

Group B Evoluzione Blue

The distinctive grooves are a direct product of the tooling and anodization process, it’s a brash and raw design choice that gives the watch undeniable wrist presence – it’s edges supply edginess.

Group B Evoluzione on wrist

It’s a bigger watch than the original, at 42mm in diameter and 9mm thick. The integral lugs also make for an interesting design quirk, at the top of the case the lug to lug measures at 47mm, and at the bottom 50mm, creating a sloping effect to fit the wrist more comfortably. These changes are more than simply cosmetic however, with the Group B Evoluzione weighing in at 7g lighter than the original.

Group B Evoluzione Case

As always with Autodromo, the packaging is a work of art in itself. Arriving in an individually numbered steel case, and with an accompanying booklet featuring artwork and details of the cars that inspired the watch.

The choice of 4 straps are a particular highlight. Made of the same nylon you would expect to find on any Group B seatbelt, each of the 4 straps feature the colour schemes of famous race teams from the era – some of which we’re sure you’ll recognise.

 Group B Evoluzione Strap Change GIF

The final word on these watches then is this; the attention to detail has to be seen to be truly appreciated. Autodromo are immensely popular with our customers for this very reason, these watches are sure to sell out sooner rather than later – so if you’re thinking of getting one don’t delay, or else someone else might just beat you to that finish line…

You can see our full video review here: