Anonimo Celebrate 20 Years of Watchmaking Passion

Page and Cooper Anonimo

Combining magical Italian style and precision Swiss watchmaking, this year Anonimo are delighted to celebrate 20 years of watchmaking passion.

It may have been two decades since Anonimo were brought to life, but the original philosophy can be traced back as far as the 19th Century.

Originally set up on the banks of the Arno River in Florence, Italy, this modest workshop would later become synonymous for supplying watches of uncompromised performance and reliability to the Regina Marina – The Royal Italian Navy.

Where robustness and functionality meet Italian design, this family watchmaker developed innovations that can still be found in today’s Anonimo watches.

Most notably, the protection of the crown positioned beautifully inside the watchcase and the use of bronze in case construction – a material designed to live and evolve alongside its wearer. They call it simply, 'The Art of Bronze'.

It is a touching sentiment that not only gives each watch a unique look, but one intended to stay true to the original Anonimo philosophy, that a watch should not be worn as a ‘brand status’, but as an expression of the personality of the wearer.

In this video, we take a more in-depth look at the Anonimo brand and its illustrious history.

As a proud partner of Anonimo and the UK’s sole after-sales specialist for this wonderful and intriguing watchmaker, Page and Cooper are delighted to announce what will be a historical exhibition at Baselworld 2017.

It is here that Anonimo will reveal the new Militare Vintage, a model easily recognisable by the signature positioning of its crown.

Thanks to its patented system, the movable and discreet hinges protect the crown as it nestles between the lugs of the case.

The eagle-eyed observer notices a clean dial, where the figures 12, 04 and 08 are arranged in a triangle, bringing to mind the capital A of ANONIMO. It is a wonderful touch that showcases the intricacy of Florentine design.

Anonimo Baselworld

Through a number of incarnations, Anonimo has demonstrated beautifully their desire to keep age-old Florentine craftsmanship and design alive.

We’re delighted to be able to play a part in their history and look forward to the next 20 years of elegant, functional, and uncompromising timepieces.