Aquadive Watches : Big, Bold and Colourful

It is a truism that we here at Page and Cooper, love a good dive watch and why not one that’s
big, bold and colourful.

Dive watches of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s were at the forefront of man’s achievement. Yes, we know that the Space Race was on but when you look at the other end of the scale, mans underwater achievements, you become aware of the technical difficulties of travelling to the depths of the Oceans on our own planet.

The battle to ultimately explore the seas was no less challenging. And so, it is with great pleasure that we are able to welcome one of the pioneer makers of serious dive watches to our company, Aquadive.

At this moment, we have not been able to research the beginnings of the Company. We will be starting our research very soon but we do know that Aquadive created bold, innovative, technically challenging designs and that they are now a company at the forefront of ongoing development. Personally, we have known the characters behind Aquadive for many years. Recent dialogue and discussion has led to us now being appointed sole authorised distributors of Aquadive watches in the UK.

Important points to note. Aquadive have created an intriguing collection of watches tailored to the requirements of the Dive Watch enthusiast of today. All Aquadive watches are serious tools. All are ISO and DIN certified.


To start at the beginning. Firstly the NOS (new old stock). 77 timepieces have been formed using original cases from the 1970’s. Reverse engineering replaces the original acrylic crystals with 5mm thick sapphire crystals using modern seals and gaskets. This has upgraded the performance from an original 200m to a more serious 500m. Only 77 of these classic Aquadives with modern performance are available Worldwide.

Just look at that combination brushed and PVD coated case! And you can buy this classic, and may we say beautifully finished, watch with a choice of movement. Either a modern ETA 2836 or an original and fully rebuilt Anton Schild movement from the 1970’s. (The proviso here is although this info is correct at the time of writing the Schild watches may have sold out). Please call us to check if you are interested. Aquadive are reinvigorating some beautiful classic designs and here we introduce the ‘New’ Bathyscaphe series.



It’s really worth taking a look at the detail Aquadive have put into the manufacturing process here. Each watch is CNC machined from a billet of surgical grade 316L stainless steel in Pforzheim, Germany, by one of the most respected case makers in the world. We can’t give the feel in these words or via our videos but let’s just say that these watches feel very solid. Built to survive, you can tell the engineering skill that has gone into their manufacture. Viton advanced material gaskets are used, which are more resistant to chemicals and UV radiation. Once the cases are completed with a 120 click bezel, laser engraved, the watches are assembled in Switzerland, with Swiss movements, which use Etachron and Inca bloc technologies. Every watch is hand assembled by experienced watchmakers who regulate each watch in 5 positions for optimum timekeeping. Each watch is supplied with its own personalised certificate. The new Bathyscaphe series is divided into the '100' Series of 1000 metre dive watches. There are three hand variants to choose from in stainless steel and bronze after which a GMT varient was added (always useful for the World Traveller Diver) in a selection of fun colours. Leading the Bathyscaphe range is the mighty '300' Certified to 3000 metres which comes in a case actually tested to 5000m! This mighty watch has experienced truly serious deep sea dives. Have a look at the video where the 300 was taken to extreme depths. Its true habitat.

So there you have it. The new Aquadive collection. In stock and available to view here at Page and Cooper. If you are looking for a classic Diver, built to the most exacting standards in the World, look no further. Contact us for Aquadive expertise today.