Attention! New Marathon's Are Here

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We’re excited, oh yes we are! 2017 was a huge year for Page and Cooper, which saw many of you, our good friends, add a Marathon watch to your collections.

The Marathon Watch Company was founded in 1904 and has been supplying timepieces to the Military since 1941. Still family owned, the business is now in its 4th generation, but they have always manufactured their watches at their own Swiss Atelier, and in that way, they have maintained the very high standards necessary for their many Military and Government clients.

The Marathon Watch Company are long standing members of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, who ensure the very highest standards from the manufacturers they regulate. Renowned amongst many military and law enforcement units as suppliers of accurate, legible and robust timepieces; Marathon watches are used by the U.S.Army, U.S.Marine Corps, U.S.Air Force, NASA, the U.S.Coast Guard, Canadian Navy, and Canadian Mounties to name but a few.

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Each model in their range is designed not for fashion, but to the requirements of each and every client. All carry a NSN (Nato Stock Number), and a Military Specification PRF number, which identifies the watch as unique, as well as detailing its tolerances for wear.

What makes Marathon all the more incredible is their value - take a look at the classic Marathon General Purpose Quartz field watch. This is entirely Swiss made and fitted with an amazing high torque ETA F.06 quartz movement, accurate to -0.3/+0.5 seconds per day. So as to provide the best of service to the military personnel who rely upon this watch in the field, the battery has a superb life of five years, and an ultra-hard fibre-shell casing which is light and ergonomically designed.

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The good news does not end there, in 2018, Marathon have updated the General Purpose models to feature sapphire crystals, stainless steel bezels and crown fittings. With genuine military design, performance and legacy, it is remarkable that they are still available at such accessible prices.

Take a closer look at Marathon; we know that their watches will serve you as well as they do those who use them in the most extreme of conditions.

Please let us know how we can help you to choose yours today.