Autodromo group B Watches

 Autodromo Group B

There is always great excitement in the Page and Cooper office whenever we receive a new watch from Autodromo. Especially in the case of the group B which Autodromo chose to launch, together with us, at London's prestigious SalonQP in November 2015.

Before we go into detail about the new Autodromo group B, we'd like to spend a little time explaining why we love working with Autodromo so much and why the brand has gained so many fans across the world.

Page and Cooper Autodromo

It is very rare these days to find an individual as driven (forgive the pun) as Bradley Price, designer and founder of Autodromo. Bradley has a singular vision that extends far beyond the original concept and design, delving deeply as he does into materials, finishes, aesthetics and wearability. It is for this reason that Autodromo fans include globally, leading designers and engineers from the world of motoring.

In addition, Bradley possesses the ability to be able to communicate his thoughts, opinions, motivation and passions clearly and entertainingly, in person. When he is in the United Kingdom, it is always a great pleasure for us to introduce him to customers. One of the benefits of being a Page and Cooper customer is that we regularly hold events at which we are able to bring collectors and enthusiasts together with their watchmakers. Fascinating conversations ensue and a convivial time is enjoyed by all.

We number among our customers, many who have become friends and avid collectors of Autodromo watches, individuals also have extensive collections which contain other exclusive and expensive items. The fact that they choose to wear and eagerly await the release of the next Autodromo bears witness to the desirability, the aesthetic qualities and the value of the brand.

Every new Autodromo watch is produced in a very limited run. Once it's gone, it's gone! We actually have waiting lists for models which are already sold out! There cannot be many young watch brands that have garnered such a level of excitement and passion. And, as we write this blog, we have just two of the original Veloce watches in stock. Original Autodromo models, these will surely be sought after.

And now to the Group B itself. From its lightweight case, which employs a stainless steel and titanium sandwich, to its belt style NATO strap and hand crafted aluminium box, it is a thoroughly considered design which includes the hi-tec innovations and exudes all the passion of the iconic group B racing era.

Autodromo Group B Watch

Take a look at the new Page and Cooper video below, in which both Josh and I chat about the new Autodromo Group B in greater detail. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you wish to find out any more about this stunning new timepiece.