Autodromo Racing to Success

Page and Cooper Autodromo

We are incredibly proud at Page and Cooper to have been one of the original Autodromo dealers. To be a part of their meteoric rise has been nothing but a privilege.

Celebrating their 5th anniversary this year, Autodromo have certainly come a long way in that time. It was when driving in his vintage Alfa Romeo and gazing down at the dials, that a thought entered the mind of Bradley Price; ‘Why isn’t anyone making anything really good that’s automotive oriented?’, and so the concept of Autodromo was born – watches that speak to the spirit of driving.

To understand Autodromo, one must first understand the background of its creator, Bradley Price. Bradley worked in New York for 10 years as an industrial designer, but his love of racing and all things automotive remained very much at the forefront of his mind. 

You can hear more from Bradley about how Autodromo came about and his passion for cars in our interview below:

It is Bradley’s keen eye for design and resounding attention to even the smallest details that set Autodromo watches apart. Each model is an intricate blend of homages to motor racing in the 60s 70s and 80s, and modern advances in technology and design. Made in limited runs, these are high-end pieces with bespoke and considered design throughout.

Take the Autodromo Prototipo for instance, based on the prototype era of the late 60’s and early 70’s, this watch is based very closely on the chronographs of the time, as well as capturing the essence of the cars on the track. Place this watch on a table with chronographs of the era and you would be hard pressed to pick it out, testament to the authenticity of the design. And yet under closer inspection, the superb details of the case reveal the modern advances one by one, from the alternating use of brushed and polished steel, to the case back which is flush to the case design.

Autodromo Prototipo

A newer release, the Group B, has jumped forwards in time to the 80’s. Clearly taking design cues from the super lightweight, rally cars of the era this watch is minimalist, yet still conveys the loud colour and attitude of these fabulous cars.

Autodromo Group B

Truly, these watches sit perfectly in the middle of a Venn diagram made up of watch lovers and car enthusiasts, and at delightfully accessible prices too. We have served Autodromo watches to customers with £20,000 to spend on a watch, and picked out Autodromo to add to their collection, as well as customers who plan on wearing theirs every day.

It’s rare for a brand so young to be so revered, the limited runs of their watches make them instantly collectable. The Monoposto in particular has gained cult status remarkably quickly, with one selling for £3,292 at auction at Bonhams just 4 years after its release. It’s true that we often receive enquiries for second-hand models, often at prices double that of their original run, such is their popularity.

For watch and car fans alike, Autodromo is not a brand to be missed. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about Autodromo.