Baselworld 2016: A Watching Brief

Baselworld 2016

And so, we Page and Cooper watch fans return from a flying visit to Baselworld, this year's premier international watch exhibition. We are excited by what we have seen and eager to share with you, our customers and friends, some of the great new releases from the companies we have chosen to represent. Companies which are outstanding in their passion, style, quality of construction and value for money. We do not give our endorsement easily!

Working closely with our suppliers, we have been lucky to have seen many of the new releases from the drawing board, all the way to the finished product. This year more than ever, watchmakers are listening to the watch fans. This enables them to bring to us watches which are exactly what we want to wear.

Vulcain watch

Moving metaphorically across Switzerland we arrive at the Stand of Vulcain, makers of the renowned 'Cricket' alarm wristwatches. They show us a number of new issues. Technically interesting is their new sub dial movement modification of the V-40, with increased 52 hour power reserve and an interesting sub dial arrangement which moves the alarm function and second hand to a separate dial.

There are also a pair of new Sunray dials in blue and in brown which have rhodium indices. A bright blue circular guilloche decoration to the 39mm 'Cricket' joins the family and, of course, we would not be on the Vulcain Stand if we did not see a new Cloisonné enamel dial. This year we have the Neptune. The detailed work and colour have to be seen to be appreciated.

Sinn watches

Next up, our partners from Frankfurt, Sinn Uhren. They also bring innovative and technically fascinating new pieces. Their big news is the limited edition Meisterbund, a collaborative endeavour featuring the combined talents of Sinn, case maker Sugg and UWD, the movement manufacturer from Dresden.

This fine movement has an innovative free sprung balance. Whilst the Meisterbund was a new release for Baselworld this year, the run limited to just 30 pieces has already sold out! However Sinn have an alternative new release. This is the wonderfully complex 910 split second chronograph. Another limited edition but this time of 300 pieces. If you would like one, contact myself or Josh at Page and Cooper. Sinn are busy celebrating their 55th anniversary with a trio of new 556 models and other surprises. We will have a further review in detail for you soon.

 Laco watch

Staying in Germany we next visit our good friends at Laco, with an amazing watchmaking past and huge enthusiasm for the future, Laco have introduced a plethora of new models for 2016.

Take the new classic range, for example. Available in very clever 38 and 40mm size options, these simple but classic watches are now available in a range of stunning contemporary colours and are offered at amazing prices. These have to be amongst the best value and best finished watches this year, amazing.

Laco have lovingly expanded their excellent chronograph collection in both quartz and automatic variants. Beautifully made in Germany and offering something truly different for the watch fan.

Fortis watch

Fortis. What can we say? As our blogs confirm we have been working closely with the company over recent years and can now share with you the fruits of their hard work. The new Fortis range is just superb and has been lauded by watch journalists and bloggers alike.

The new range of Classic Cosmonaut Chronographs have exemplary attention to detail and finishing. The new Aeromaster range brings a classic look to a classic chronograph, and everyone in our offices has fallen in love with the new Pilot Professional. This new watch is a fitting successor to the award winning Flieger Classic. Production ceased on this watch after nearly thirty years in constant production.

And finally, Fortis have created a very special Founders Edition, which from our informed point of view has the most gorgeous polished hands in the whole show. This watch has been limited to 222 pieces and recognises the life and work of Fortis founder Walter Vogt.

We hope you enjoyed this round up of Page and Cooper at Baselworld, it promises to be an exciting year indeed.

Should you wish to know more, you can get in touch with our wonderful team.