Never Before Seen Watches at Baselworld 2017


Each spring the world’s watch industry and community gathers together in the historic Swiss town of Basel for its globally renowned watch show, Baselworld.

Of course one can fly there or indeed take the train but at Page and Cooper we have the respect of the industry, have built up a great set of friends and contacts and were offered a co-drive in a Morgan V6 roadster.

600 miles to cover in just 24 hours, changeable weather and all in a car that weighs just 950kg. A V6 engine that produces 280bhp which equates to around 300bhp per tonne in a car without any electronic driving or safety aids. That's plenty!

The invitation to co-drive came via our good friend Simon de Burton. World renowned journalist and authority on all things automotive and horological, this is an annual pilgrimage for Simon and we happily chatted away. Conversation included recollections from Simon's career as an interviewer with subjects like Gerald Genta to some original Bugatti owners.


An early start was needed. We left London at 4:30am to avoid traffic build up and to catch the 7am ferry to Calais. We entered France on a beautiful morning and were soon making good progress.

Here, a few comments on our car, the Morgan. Despite its vintage design and basic equipment it made a great travelling companion. It's powerful and flexible engine making progress and overtaking easy and its ample tyres offering good compliance and traction. The major drawback was an absolute lack of storage space. With no boot, all our luggage had to be stored in the space allowed for the folding roof!  Luckily for us the heavens opened during the drive so we did not have an opportunity to lower the roof.

A pleasant stop for lunch in Châlons-en-Champagne gave us some respite after which a small detour from the Autoroute at Colmar allowed us to enter Switzerland via twisty country roads which was great fun. Another detour took us to the astonishing Bugatti collection at Cité de l'Automobile. Simon has been lucky enough to drive a Bugatti type 35 and a Veyron at more than 200mph!


Arriving at the Messe, Simon went off to collect his press pass and I went to say hello to our good friends at Laco who were to be my hosts for the next few days.

Baselworld, the world’s premier international watch fair, opened on the Thursday and Laco, our hosts for the exhibition, displayed some amazing new releases. The new Bronze Erbstück Classic Fleigers are a great addition to the range. Available in 45mm with both automatic and hand-wound versions available and type A and B dial options, these watches will look great as over time as each gains its own unique patina. Aged Erbstück dials and straps complete the picture.


There is also a new Sunray Blue Dial Laco, Blaue Stunde, with a unique case finish, satinised silver. Again these watches are available with A or B type dials, automatic or hand wound but only 42mm.


And so on to Squale. Firm friends of ours, we've worked closely with the company for many years. 

Privy to developments within the company, we are pleased to witness them announce a new partnership with the Sommozzatore, the Italian Police diving unit. They have selected the Squale 101ATM as their watch of choice. Previously this unit used the Rolex Sea Dweller so it's gratifying to us that Squale will now bear the Octopus emblem. 


Although this watch is only made available to members of the unit, you can still buy the Squale 101 made to the same exacting specification. You can buy it from us here at Page and Cooper.

Next up, the stand of the very cool MATWatches. This company, suppliers to elite French military and emergency services, announce their latest tie up with the 'Legion Etrangere (the French Foreign Legion). 


This is the latest in a long line of bespoke watches and is the very first also available to the public. Two versions are offered. The AG7 XL and a Green Dial Chronograph. The world run is limited to 300 pieces. We expect a great demand for these watches of the French Foreign Legion.


Anonimo had a huge booth at Baselworld celebrating 20 years of innovative marine watches. The attention to detail and the quality to be found in this brand continues to amaze. They were proud to show upgraded Nautlio timepieces with ceramic bezels and titanium components and revised Militare collection with new dials and display backs.

But, we leave our biggest news to last. The ever popular Sinn brand have released a range of new models. Let's start with a celebration of 20 years of the Einsatzzeitmesser (Mission Timer). 


Designed for professionals with special requirements, the new EZM12 is designed for present day emergency doctors and will feature in an in-depth Page and Cooper review very soon. This watch is a marvellous example of Sinn pioneering special watches for the modern age.

Sinn also revealed the White Dial 104 ST SA I W, the limited edition 103 St Ss E with Guilloche silver electroplated dial, the 240 St GZ with tidal bezel and an entirely new range of ladies watches, the 434 series. 

A particular favourite here at Page and Cooper is the new silver dial 356 Sa Pilot lll. And here at Page and Cooper members of the team have already placed orders for EZM12 and 356 Sa Pilot 111. Sinn is a very special brand with a huge following among watch enthusiasts and we at Page and Cooper have developed a special relationship which now includes, for the very first time, full Sinn servicing and repairs in the U.K. This includes many Sinn technologies such as AR technology, Diapal and more.

At Baselworld it was a pleasure to meet old friends and also make new ones. We have many things to share with you over the coming months. 

2017 is set to continue to be a very exciting year at Page and Cooper. Keep following us on all of our usual social media channels to keep up to date and of course you can always come to say hello.