Brumm Models - An Italian Tradition

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Nestling in a picturesque wood on the shores of beautiful Lake Como is not the settting which you would expect to find one of Italy's oldest family-owned model car makers. Yet this is the home of Brumm.

Every visit to Brumm is an absolute joy. You only have to sit in the office of the ever smiling Rio Tattarletti (son of Reno who founded the company in 1972) to get see pictures of a very young Rio, one pedaling his bright red pedal car and the other him peering through the fence at Monza as Niki Lauda's Ferrari 312T2 flashes by at the famous circuit.

Today Rio continues the family tradition of producing  hand made 1:43rd scale models in beautiful detail and historical accuracy and at amazing prices...just take a look the fantastic Brumm's Ferrari Transporter sets or their gorgeous Porsche 917 family.

Page and Cooper are thrilled to represent companies such as Brumm in this day and age of mass production and mediocrity. If your looking to start a fantastic collection then look no further than Brumm model cars. Here is an excerpt from the wonderful book by Danilo Castellarian on 'Brumm, a story of models 1972-2002';

"Model Car Collecting makes you 'Fly on the wings of your fantasy'.

It's a big mistake to think that a collector's 'toy' car sits still on his window ledge. These cars travel, and do they!. No Engine is more powerful than that of your own imagination.

So, thousands of aficionados have, in their minds eye, driven the Le Mans 24 hour race pretending to be Jackie Ickx. The Millie Miglia together with Stirling Moss and all have kept their foot to the floor at the Radilllon curve after Eau Rouge on the Francorchamps track while their orange and blue Gulf Porsche 917 defy the laws of gravity.

Who can believe, therfore, that models are static? Never! They have caught more mosquitoes in their tiny plexiglass windshields than that of any car stuck in dreary traffic jams on the daily commute to the office or home."

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