Buying a watch from us is just the beginning…

The purchase of a watch from us at Page and Cooper is not the end but just the start of the relationship, for we represent some amazing hand picked watchmakers and we have some equally amazing customers. We'd like to thank all of you who help us to make what we do, something really original and special.


We run a series of events, all free of charge to customers and members of our mailing list, which we encourage you to attend. The star of our most recent get together was Chris Vail, owner of NTH watches, who flew in from Pennsylvania, U.S.A. to meet customers at a P&C event which we held in his honour. We convened at The Punchbowl, a Classic British pub in the heart of Mayfair. Pleasant surroundings, great food and good beer were provided by both Jonathan and Chris and all of us enjoyed hearing from Chris how NTH watches are conceived, designed, constructed and marketed. (Chris took the opportunity to remind us that when we buy one of his beautiful watches we are helping him to both feed and educate his family!).

Santa Cruz

It’s an amazing testament that a new and fresh watch brand has grown so fast and is earning such a loyal following. This is however, no accident. Chris’s focus on quality and detail are truly amazing and it’s an absolute fact that so many NTH owners with far more expensive watches, use the NTH brand as examples of how to ‘do things right’. The NTH Sub is fast becoming a modern classic. It pays homage, and takes inspiration, from classic designs and wraps them up in a high quality, functional and eminently affordable watch. In fact, for those of you looking for an amazing watch that does it all, look no further than an NTH. We welcomed a multitude of new NTH users to our event. As a first serious watch, it is an ideal choice and we took pleasure in meeting our very youngest customer at the evening. Mr A, a 14 year old gave us a real thrill. We were able to introduce both him and his Mum personally to the maker of his beloved ‘Modern Blue’. For a young man to spend his own money on his first NTH by buying from us was a real honour.

Mr A

We are so pleased that we are welcoming younger and younger enthusiasts to our hobby. At this NTH event we were also pleased to welcome the team from esteemed Watchmaker Charles Frodsham. It was fascinating to hear Chris and Richard from Frodsham chat about being independent watchmakers whilst operating at totally opposite ends of the horological spectrum. They share many of the same experiences in running independent companies in the current climate. We have, as you would expect, saved the best thoughts from this blog till now. Our great customers. Many travel from all over the UK to be with us at these events. That is humbling. Both we at Page and Cooper and on this occasion Chris from NTH value and appreciate each and every one. At P&C we organise these events as a thank you and to promote interest and appreciation of the craft. Many customers make new like minded friends at these get togethers and we are ever mindful of our desire to increase the watchmaking community. Don’t just buy the watch, support us and let us open the whole field of horological excellence to you. What do you need to do to qualify for our events? Join the mailing list or better still, buy one of the great watches we choose to represent. You will enjoy much more than the watch. You will become part of our family. We look forward to welcoming you.