Catch me if you can!

Two New NTH Subs will sure to be hard to find.

NTH joined the Page and Cooper watch stable just a few months ago but has already become a firm favourite. A subtle combination of fine aesthetics, excellent build quality and beauty of design have ensured that the NTH range has quickly built up a firm following. Each model is named after a Classic Submarine Class and gives a 'Nod To History' by using themes and marine elements drawn from the golden age of dive watches.

In just a few short weeks, we have sold out of many models or are down to our very last piece as we type.

From the wonderful full lume dial of the Näcken Vintage, to the crisp clean lines of the Bahia, every model has proved massively popular. Ok, we hear you say, so if NTH Watches are so popular, why don’t they make more? Simple answer really. NTH Watches are a small company, proudly independent. They manufacture what they can manage and support. Simple answer really, it’s just that demand outstrips supply. And now NTH present the all-new Barracuda Vintage Black. The first ever gilt-relief NTH Sub production model. What is a “gilt-relief” dial, and what makes it different? With modern dials the dial plate is coated with a base layer of colour.Then the hours, minutes and all the dial text are printed on top of this base layer. However, with a guilt-relief dial the glossy enamel black base layer is negative printed meaning it’s printed with gaps in it and the gaps expose the gold shine of the dial plate underneath creating the dial text , logo hour markers and minute track. The lume plots for the hour indices are then applied directly on top of the exposed dial. The gilt-relief method of dial-making is not used much anymore. It is a difficult technique to master and many dials have to be rejected. But when the light catches the dial just right, the results can be spectacular. After significant development, and a very special inaugural edition called the Carolina, now sold out, for the “Brotherhood of Submariner Homage (aka the “BSHT”) on Watchuseek, it didn’t take too long for NTH to start thinking about what other Sub models deserve the gilt-relief treatment.


We welcome the new Barracuda Vintage Black. And a classic returns……the NTH Nacken Modern Blue, made famous by TGV, the Urban Gentry. Both of these exciting Subs are available with or without a date window (date window at 6 o’clock), Japanese Miyota 9015 automatic movement, Swiss Superluminova lume, and fully-lumed stainless steel bezel with top-quality DLC coating. Like all NTH Subs, it will be water resistant to 300m / 30 ATM / 1000 feet, and have an ultra-thin 11.5mm case, with double-domed anti-reflective sapphire and their signature screw-down crown with proprietary lumed NTH engraving.

nacken modern

For the very latest info, email, call or better still, call in. We are always pleased to see our customers and enthusiasts. Rest assured these beautiful examples of the watchmakers craft will not hang around for long.