Classic Laco Watches At Surprisingly Affordable Prices

Laco Classics

Many people associate the Laco brand with their original pilot's watches, a collection of timepieces that have transcended their original purpose and become iconic. 

But with more than 90 years of horological expertise behind them, Laco are embracing their craft to produce a whole range of German-engineered mechanical and automatic classic watches, at surprisingly affordable prices.

So before you jump in and buy a quartz-powered watch from a large mainstream brand in a department store, take a few moments to have a look at what Laco has to offer. You might just be surprised.

The Laco Mocca 40, Azur 40, Petrol 40, and Stone 40

Four such watches that quite simply can’t be ignored at the sub £350 price point.

Laco Azur, Petrol, Mocca, Stone

These striking timepieces all boast applied indices, date window, polished hands, 50m water resistance, and the ever-reliable Laco 15 automatic 24 jewel movement.

The dial glass is mineral crystal, and each watch features a coloured strap to match the dial, which is easily interchangeable to suit any number of scenarios.

But those things are not necessarily what make these watches special. Look closer and you will find small variances in the brushing on the side of the cases, Laco detailing on the crown, and even a display case back, so you can see the automatic movement working inside.

Laco Petrol 40

This is the level of detail one would expect to find on watches ten times the price. For somebody only just entering the world of watches and watchmaking, there is not much else on the market with this many features to enjoy, at such an attainable price.

The Laco Goldstadt

Moving slightly up the price bracket, you will find the Limited edition Laco Goldstadt. A watch that is still relatively affordable, when you consider the caliber of watch you are buying.

Laco Goldstatd

Laco's small team thrives on making watches that provide their owners with the very values on which their manufacturing process is based: precision, clarity, and character - All things that the Laco Goldstadt has in abundance.

Designed in the style of Laco's classic models from the 1950's, which have since become highly sought-after collector's items, this watch is a celebration of the 250th anniversary of the city of Pforzheim, also known as the ‘Golden City’.

Limited to 250 watches, the anniversary watch contains a number of features from its 1950's counterparts, namely a domed face, and a wonderful domed Mineral Crystal dial glass.

Other details include gold plating, individually engraved serial numbers, and display case back so you can see the movement working. Differing from other Laco Vintage models, the ‘Made in Germany’ marking has been replaced with the amusing alternative "Made in Goldstadt".

The attention to detail from Laco here is mesmerising. You will also notice The ‘Goldstadt 250’ anniversary logo engraved onto the rotor of the Laco 15 automatic 24 jewel movement, underlining the special occasion.

If you don’t manage to get hold of a Laco Goldstadt but are already won over by the minimalist design and attention to detail, a Laco Vintage should be your next port of call for a watch around the £500 mark.

Laco Classics

You will find the same automatic movement and the same styling, but with a greater choice of dials to suit your individual taste.

So if you want to own something that is a little bit more exclusive, a little bit more considered, and from a manufacturer in Pforzheim with decades of heritage, look no further than a classic Laco.