As I type, the whole world is going through a crisis, the like of which we have not seen in a generation.
A global effect such as this has not been experienced since World War II. The difference this time is that we are all working together and are connected via the internet as never before.
At Page and Cooper, we have a responsibility not only to you, our esteemed customers, but also to our staff and suppliers. To that end, let’s get some housekeeping issues out of the way. Our staff are now working in the office or, remotely. Phones will be answered and messages taken but under the circumstances, please allow us to respond via email. This is the most efficient and effective way in which we can track every enquiry and allows more than one person to answer and look after your enquiry. Ben, Karen, Danielle and myself will attempt to respond to everyone within 48 hours.
As Government advice is updated, we will follow all guidelines and World Health Organization (WHO) advice and adapt accordingly. As a people based business, our primary concern is the health and well-being of our staff and attention to you, our customers. Inevitably there will be an impact on delivery. Some of our manufacturers are now themselves closing and we are staying in close contact with them regarding the latest production situation. There is a significant advice we have received concerning the life of COVID-19 on surfaces such as packaging and cardboard. A period of 24 hours to several days has been mentioned. May we point out that all of our packaging here at Page and Cooper has been with us for over four weeks and all our stock is held in secure and well ventilated storage. However we will not be shipping anything out quicker than 7 days as it is our opinion that this is the safest and most responsible thing to do. All items are inspected and cleaned to the best of our ability. As they say, ‘Time is the healer in all things’.
Page and Cooper are here for the long term, not for the short. This Coronavirus episode presents a very difficult time for all of us. Again as I type, major airlines are grounding their fleets and asking for substantial Government financial support. The watch industry is not immune and at our niche level could be very vulnerable. To that end we thank you for your support. In return we will provide you with updates, advice, interesting stories via this our blog and our YouTube channel. This Coronavirus episode presents a difficult time for us all. We are working closely with each and every one of our suppliers to expedite orders and asking them to provide updates every few days as is practical. Our blog will continue as will our YouTube channel. In the meantime we thank you for your understanding and support.