Exclusive Damasko Factory Visit

Page and Cooper have been on tour again, a visit in person to one of our chosen watchmakers, to learn, observe, exchange ideas and relay the comments and suggestions to you, our loyal customers and collectors. This time our destination is Damasko, a brand that both we and our fellow enthusiasts admire.

Damasko Family

This trip has been a long time in the planning. Damasko have an almost cult like following and are always so busy it was difficult to pin them down.

Damasko is truly a family business, founded by Konrad and Petra Damasko in the early 90’s. Konrad’s expertise was in the development and manufacturing of fine metal and ceramic components for industry. Not only to extremely fine and high tolerances but he was also involved in the development of new materials for the Aerospace Industry. 

As an example Damasko made components for the Eurofighter, Space Shuttle. It was his wealth of knowledge in this field, together with a love of watches that led to Konrad Damasko deciding to create his own watch company.

Today Konrad is joined by his daughters Nadja and Isabella and his son Christoph. Christoph’s English is excellent matched only by his enthusiasm. Christoph’s expertise is in production and I am thrilled that he is happy to answer any questions I have and physically show me much of the production process in action. 


What makes Damasko so special is that under one roof they can turn rods of raw material, stainless steel, brass and many other metals into whatever they need. Cases, crowns, date wheels, even the strap changing tools are made in-house.

Christoph explains that all the advanced machinery that Damasko use has been specified by them to meet their own requirements. He shows me a substantial Toshiba engraving machine, as Damasko bezel inserts are slightly curved this method ensures the engraving can be of an equal depth over the radii of the curve Damasko. This is a great example of them developing solutions to their own exacting standards.


Damasko use their very own formula of ice-hardened nickel-free stainless steel and their watch cases are formed by electrical discharge. Christoph explains that traditional milling can stress the metal his process leaves the case with much greater inherent strength. Damasko watches are legendary for their strength and scratch resistance.

Watch cases and parts are finished by hand. Christoph shows me the 6 stages that every Damasko metal case goes through, and this of course does not include their own Damest coating for their black watches.

During our tour Konrad Damasko introduces himself, and whilst he speaks little English and I speak very poor German, he can see I am genuinely interested. Christoph translates and explains that Konrad loves our videos and is very keen to show me even more of his technologies and methods. Konrad even makes his own tools for his watchmakers to construct and service Damasko watches. 


Konrad then showed me some of his forthcoming projects, the Damasko bracelet and of course his long awaited DC86 Chronograph with ‘Lemania 5100’ style complication which should be due in the middle of next year.

Of course significant in the world of watchmaking is the fact that Damasko actually make two movements entirely in-house. The hand wound H-35 and A-35 automatic movements are very beautiful, craftsmanship is exceptional and at this price in my humble opinion, unequalled.

To complete our tour we were able to sit down with all of the Damasko family and film several fascinating videos which we will publish on our YouTube channel. Why don’t you subscribe and then you won’t miss any?  We hope you enjoy viewing them as much we did filming them.

If you are thinking of a Damasko as your next watch purchase, then we would like to think we are well informed to answer any question you have. Please do not hesitate to contact us.