Damasko - The Pride and The Passion

Damasko factory tour

Page and Cooper, because we are Page and Cooper, spend countless hours, days and even years working with craftsmen and women from the watch industry. And because of our dedication to horology and the world of watches, we are always on the lookout for unique and intriguing stories together with developments which fascinate us. Stories and developments that we want to share with you, our friends and customers.

We take pride in being the sole agent for Damasko in the UK and we never cease to be amazed at how this small family run business is pushing the boundaries of modern watch making. It was with this in mind that we recently took an early morning flight to Munich, then drove through the German countryside to Barbing and the Damasko workshops where a warm welcome was waiting for us from the Damasko family.

Their passion for watchmaking is immediately apparent when entering the building. One can smell and almost taste it. This family are creating watches that are special. In these days of huge corporations and conglomerates, Damasko are a small, intimate, boutique. Nonetheless, one is able to watch the entire creation of a watch from the raw steel to the completed timepiece in just a few steps.

Damasko in house production

And here, we have to state an extraordinary fact. Damasko construct a huge amount of their watches ‘in-house’. This is an over-used phrase, but most manufacturers at this price range will buy in different components from various manufacturers.

Watches created in-house are normally only found at the very top end of the market with prices to match but with Damasko a huge amount of work is done in-house. In fact, in the case of the DK range, 95% of the watch is made by themselves. That means case, crown, bezels, case-backs and, significantly, movements are all made at the Damasko factory. Our flying visit to the factory was for us to take an in-depth look at Damasko production, in great detail. 

From raw rods of stainless steel, production moves through ‘large turning’ as Damasko call it, to micro turning which is where the tiniest (and we do mean tiny) components for the in-house movements are made. So tiny, in fact, that we have to examine the finished screws, bezels and gears under a microscope. The next room contains the machines that actually start creating the uniqueness of Damasko watches, indeed all the components that we love. Cutting the baseplates out for DK movements, cutting rotors and balance wheels, case-backs and crowns and we must not forget all the pieces that go into the making of the company's fast becoming legendary steel bracelets. Everything, in-house!

Another room. And here sits a lady who, alone, polishes and finishes each and every watch by hand. Whether it’s sandblasted or brushed and polished, individual watches are finished by hand and the black watches are then given their distinctive and unique tough black coating. 

Damasko watches

And now, as we move on to assembly, here’s another important fact you should know about Damasko.

Damasko build every watch to order. There is no warehouse or even a stockroom. Each and every watch is built for every customer by a team of just three watchmakers. Observing the construction of a DK10 from start to finish, we were very lucky to be able to look over the shoulder of the friendly and affable senior watchmaker René. We saw at close quarters the assembly of a DK movement from the silicone spring and balance wheel (put together and balanced for perfect oscillation by hand) to the subsequent assembly of the entire movement and the mounting of the whole unit within its case. Once complete, every Damasko watch is then tested for a week and DK and Si movements are further regulated to Chronometer Standards.

Damasko watch face

In conclusion, here at Page and Cooper it is our informed opinion that Damasko are offering a unique proposition in today’s watch world. The chance to own and at an accessible price, a watch, built almost entirely and genuinely, in-house. Watches that feature some extraordinary cutting edge technology: silicone mainsprings, ceramic bearings and all housed in cases that feature Damasko's astonishing scratch resistant technology.

Handmade by a small and dedicated family using only the best and most advanced materials, we are proud to work with Damasko and as a true watch fan you should really add one to your collection. If you want to find out more about Damasko and any of their stunning pieces please don’t hesitate to get in touch

You can take a closer look behind the scenes at our Damasko factory visit by watching our video below: