The Darker Side of Time

At Page and Cooper we work very hard to build a great relationship with our customers guiding them and advising them on the right watch to give them a life time of pleasure.

But if you can save a few pounds then why not?

Well let’s explain from our point of view why if you’re looking for a new watch you should, as the saying goes ’buy the seller’ and not the watch.

Here at Page and Cooper we are official dealers for all the brands we sell. That doesn’t just mean that we order over the phone from a catalogue. We have visited and regularly visit each and every one of our watchmakers and work closely with them.

They know we at Page and Cooper have a deep technical knowledge of watch making and have very high standards. We inspect every watch as it comes in to us and before it goes out to you.

We also know where and when our watches are made. Why does that matter you ask?

You want to own a watch that is factory fresh. That means it has been built in the last few months, freshly tested, freshly lubricated and with fresh seals. Sadly some watches have travelled round the world many times to find a new owner and they haven’t always gone 1st class. We’ve seen models which are over 5 years old being sold ‘as new’.

Movements become dry, seals become brittle and the little mechanical marvels we all love suffer.

Recently we had a phone call from a very nice chap who had bought one of our watches new from a Euro dealer via an auction website. It had stopped working and he asked if we could fix it under warranty. Sadly we weren’t able to as the supplying dealer is responsible for all warranty work. 

With many brands you would have to return the watch to the factory in the country of origin at your expense. Or if you had bought your watch from Page and Cooper then we would of course we take care of all of this for you, either at our UK workshop or returning on your behalf and at no expense, to the manufacturer who made your watch.

Nevertheless this nice chap said he would be willing to pay us to fix the watch. Sadly when we received the watch and gave it a thorough inspection (in our own workshop) we found the movement in the watch old and dry, in other words this was not a factory fresh watch it was a watch that had been sitting around for years. We advised him to return the watch and ask for his money back.

There was little point in fully servicing a watch that was sold as new. So whilst he may have saved a little money on the initial purchase he had to pay for us to inspect the watch (sorry we have to charge for watches we don’t sell) and then for the watch to be shipped back abroad for a refund. Once refunded he returned to us to buy the watch he originally wanted.

However, there is something else that we need to add to this very important blog. Jobs. Over the past few years we have invested heavily in creating new jobs in the UK. We pride ourselves on the team we have built and increasing the horological skills and capacity in the UK. We don’t see why we have to ship a watch hundreds of miles for a job we can do ourselves. We offer complete Aftersales Care so you can be sure your timepiece will perform as well many years later.

So thank you to all those customers who have bought and all those customers who will buy a watch from Page and Cooper, you have helped support all the team at Page and Cooper to grow, learn and to establish what we hope is amongst the best watch specialists in the UK.