Deep Blue Maximum Tritium Lume Watches

Strictly Limited Offer until 29th February 2020.

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At Page and Cooper we are always seeking to add brands which increase the value and scope of our collection. And if it is pure value for money that takes your fancy, you must take a look at Deep Blue.

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We were first introduced to the brand by another manufacturer of note. They actually said ‘We don’t know how Deep Blue offer such good value’ and so off we went to meet the very gregarious and forward thinking owner of the Company. We were shown the entire and extensive collection the variety and yes, the value was immediately apparent. We asked if it would be acceptable for us to take a watch which we could test to destruction and an answer in the affirmative, led us to choose one of the most affordable in the collection, the Master Blue 1000. We abused the watch in all kinds of conditions and ended up.......loving it!

It was subject to all kinds of maltreatment but insisted on remaining in great shape and dependable. Deep Blue offer an extensive range of dive watches and many feature Tritium Technology. If you should need to tell the time on the darkest of unlit nights, there is only one answer. TRITIUM. Unlike Superluminova which reacts with daylight and stores received illumination for a limited period of time, Tritium is always brightly lit regardless of levels of received light. Deep Blue provide a great solution as the ultimate tool watch.

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Watches that can be worn in all conditions, wet or dry, hot or cold, light or dark. We have sold Tritium watches before but they became very expensive. We needed to find an alternative. The great thing is that Deep Blue have this extensive collection of watches which encompass a range of prices and with most watches featuring Tritium Technology. There is the entry level master 1000 with Swiss Super Luminova which is available in both 40 and 44mm sizes and includes the ever reliable Seiko NH35 movement and a large variety of bracelet options but you can jump immediately to Tritium with the Daynight Diver PC with poly carbon case with Swiss T-25 Tritium Tubes. And let’s mention a word about Tritium Tubes. In this case, the Tritium is applied to the watch dial by way of small hermetically sealed tubes which are applied directly to the watch dial. Note, there is just one manufacturer of Tritium in all its forms.

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Tritium works like this. A tiny glass tube is filled with tritium gas and then hermetically sealed. The electrons of the gas continuously react with phosphorescent paint resulting in a radio luminescent light source that glows constantly all the time, light or dark. The tube is always glowing. At first glance, the Deep Blue range may seem extensive but as you explore the range and as it increases in price you will note that certain features are added that will suit any sports watch user. T-25 Tritium, T-100 Tritium with Swiss movement and Ceramic bezel, GMT movement and of course the range topping Chronograph which comes with a Ceramic bezel, no less than 65 Tritium tubes and the tried and tested ETA Valjoux 7750 movement.

Every feature listed above defines the range topping model and yet the purchase price is still just £1400 which includes UK VAT sales tax. Stunning value and performance from the Deep Blue Company. Deep Blue are now in stock at Page and Cooper. Highly recommended at all levels. Secure yours while they last.

Strictly Limited Offer until 29th February 2020.

Add voucher code DIVETO20 to get 20% off your Deep Blue Watch