Dodane Type 23 Quartz, The Choice of France's Aviation Elite

Only a few watch brands today can legitimately boast about making truly genuine pilot watches which are still used faithfully in service today. Dodane are one of these revered watchmaking ateliers - but perhaps most refreshingly, they focus less on the boasting, and more on the watches… Professional pilots all over the world still - even in this modern age of hi-tech glass cockpits and HUDs - rely on their trusty wristwatches, which provide a level of convenience, practicality and reliability that no computer can match. Of course, one must remember that not all qualified pilots are flying short haul from one developed nation to the next; some are working in the most hostile and remote of environments.


One pilot customer of ours here at P&C, whose job is to collect helicopters from anywhere in the world, tells us that he never knows what equipment may or may not be serviceable in the aircraft when he starts his return flight. If you are in the wilds of Alaska and you have enough fuel for 2 hours, then those 2 hours are all that you have. And sometimes your wristwatch, which accompanies you all of the time, is the only timekeeping instrument you can rely on.

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France has enjoyed a long and illustrious history of aircraft manufacture and since the very early days of French aviation, one watchmaker has been quietly producing cockpit clocks and wristwatches since World War One, namely Dodane. Famed for their classic aircraft clocks, the Type 11 and 12, and of course the classic Type 21 from the 1950’s, Dodane’s mechanical clocks are still use in many contemporary modern jet fighters. In spite of modern technology, or indeed because of it, these state of the art jets all contain a trusty Dodane mechanical clock on board. However, Dodane have not stood still. In 2012 we saw the arrival of the Type 23; the newest chronograph to join their illustrious collection.

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Designed in conjunction with the French Air Force, and funded by pilot subscription, an initial run of 600 watches were created, and split between the classic mechanical flyback and the new Quartz Variant. The Type 23 Quartz was designed to introduce to Dodane’s classic watchmaking lineup, the values of performance and resilience at a much more accessible price point. Using the multi-function dual display, powered by the ETA 988.333 movement - which incidentally is accurate to 0.1 seconds a day - the Type 23 Quartz features a multitude of functions including: Perpetual Calendar, Countdown Timer, additional time zone, chronograph with add or split time function (accurate to 1/100th of a second), and alarm. Like all Dodane watches, each Type 23 Quartz is built to order, and there are plenty of choices. Not only can you choose your case finish and bezel style, there are the choice of two dials which feature either regular C3 luminova, or the very cool BNL yellow lumoniva, which is designed to be visible with night vision goggles should you require the need. Finally, you can choose to have the caseback engraved with a personal message or name, and the watch fitted to one of a wide variety of the finest quality straps. The Dodane Type 23 is a technological tour de force; the quintessential modern pilot’s watch from one of the classic French watchmakers. Equally as suitable for operational use by the servicemen and women of the French Air Force, as it is on the wrists of the aviation enthusiast, we think everyone should consider adding one of these stunning pieces to their collection.