Elliot Brown Watches - Put to the Test

Elliot Brown

And so, as we commence what we feel sure will be a very exciting 2015, we have confidence that you will love what we are planning. We are currently in conversation with each of our individual manufacturers, gathering their thoughts and ideas for the year ahead. You, as true watch enthusiasts, will be informed with all the latest news and developments.

At Page and Cooper we pride ourselves on the close working relationships we have with our watchmakers. We have earned their respect. They know we sell to enthusiasts and they take on board the suggestions and comments which you feed back to us. Some new models are, in fact, a direct result of our clients’ feedback. For which we thank you.

Page and Cooper were one of the first dealers for British watch brand Elliot Brown. From the outset we admired their attention to detail and their integrity. They are our sort of watchmaker. A great example of the lengths Elliot Brown go to in the practical testing of their watches is demonstrated in the Elliot Brown Bloxworth that has so far spent six months submerged in freezing cold saltwater and sediment at the bottom of Poole harbour, Hampshire. The rusty look is in fact just marine crustacea and a quick wipe reveals this as it restores the gleaming 316L stainless steel case.

Elliot Brown

Another, fun example of the Elliot Brown approach to their watches is Mr Ian Brown himself demonstrating the toughness of an Elliot Brown bracelet by suspending himself dangling from said watch and bracelet whilst being hoisted by a crane! You can take a look at the footage below.

That’s what you call having faith in your workmanship!

Now, whilst people have established ideas about the qualities a great watch should have, many dismiss the quartz watch as somehow disposable. However, Swiss made quartz movements are entirely another matter. Elliot Brown use only Swiss made movements and, as you will see, there is a vast difference between a high quality Swiss made quartz movement and certain inferior ‘less expensive’ alternative. A Swiss quartz movement is every bit as well finished as its mechanical counterpart and most importantly readily serviceable for a lifetime of use.

Elliot Brown

If you look in detail at every part of an Elliot Brown construction, from the unique Movement Shield System to the pushers (which have been tested with 5000 repeated pushes), to the crystals which have a ball-bearing repeatedly dropped on them from a height and finally to the 1.5kg pendulum hammer striking the side of the case repeatedly to simulate impacts against hard surfaces, Elliot Brown watches are made to last!

Elliot Brown movement

So now we know that Elliot Brown make a great watch, one suitable for every circumstance, but they also offer a range of timepieces suitable for all occasions. Your Elliot Brown can be smart, casual, sporty or indeed ready for any action you choose.

Elliot Brown movement

Based in the UK, by the sea in Poole, Dorset, and taking advantage of our close relationship, we persuaded Mr Elliot and Mr Brown to produce, just for us, a couple of unique bespoke pieces.

Following the success of their previous bespoke builds for Page & Cooper, Elliot Brown have just finished assembling two more custom watches for us at their workshop in Poole.

Both watches combine the best elements of two of their best-selling models: the beautiful brushed and polished 316L stainless steel case and deep blue luminous bezel from the classic diver 929-003, matched to the dial, reflector ring, and handset from the monochrome and gunmetal 929-001.

The high-contrast monochrome dial is highly legible yet contemporary, and the chrome handset and indexes echo the beautifully polished surfaces of the case, set off by the stunning blue bezel insert with luminous markings.

One model is delivered on a black pebbled oiled leather strap that echoes the monochrome dial graphics; the second is delivered on a midnight-blue smooth oiled leather strap that complements beautifully with the blue divers bezel. Both come fitted with brushed stainless steel single-fold deployant safety clasps.

We have just one of each. The Bespoke Canford and a gorgeous Bloxworth Chronograph with charcoal dial, black sub dials and a blue bezel. Each of these pieces have been created by Mr Brown himself. Surely reason enough to add one to your collection.