Ensure Your Watches Travel in Style This Summer

Page and Cooper watch storage case

Drive to the airport with your Autodromo. Strap your Hanhart pilot’s watch on for the flight. Wear your Marathon diving watch for a swim in the sea. Swap to a classic Vulcain dress watch for evening dining.

Options are exciting. Curating and owning a watch collection is a joyous thing. Getting the opportunities to wear them as they were intended, you may regret leaving your timepieces at home when holidaying this summer or travelling for any purpose year-round.

Page and Cooper watches

If like us, you like to travel with more than one watch, then it can be a conundrum as to the safest way to transport your timepieces.

Taking several watches on a trip can be daunting. Will they scratch in your carry-on bag or while going through airport security? Your fears aren’t unfounded. Widely available travel cases, whose cheap-and-uncheerful materials provide little to no protection for cargo as valuable as yours.

You’re not the only watch owner to be plagued by anxieties when it comes to protecting your timepieces. We at Page and Cooper are fortunate to travel regularly. Meeting our friends and suppliers at their factories across Europe and beyond.

For eighteen months, we used our insight and experience to design and manufacture precisely what our watches deserve. We designed a range of travel accessories including travel pouches, watch storage cases, and travel holders with space for watches, your passport and other valuables such as jewellery.

Let’s start with our Page and Cooper travel pouches or ‘Svuotatasche’ (Italian for ‘empty pockets’) which are handcrafted from fine leather in Milan. Stylish and practical.

Page and Cooper travel pouch

For total peace of mind while on the go, strap your watch to the leather insert inside the travel pouch. Secure, and at no risk of falling out, your watch is protected from scuffs and scrapes. From coins, keys, and anything else on the surface below. Whether it’s sat in your glovebox, the airport security scanner, or the hotel safe, you can relax.

Page and Cooper travel accesories

Our slim-line travel wallets offer an alternative way to stay organised on your trip. Designed in collaboration with a designer from Milan and handmade in Italy. Our stylish travel wallet contains two secure pouches for watches that keep them entirely separate from one another, minimising the risk of knocks and damage. These full-length zipped pouches enable you to lie the strap flat. Models elsewhere force you to bend your watch in half.

Page and Cooper travel wallet

The travel wallet features handy detachable earring and ring holders and space to store your passport, travel documents and valuables.

Keeping all of your valuable safe in one place. Our travel wallet is also the perfect way to store your valuables when you arrive at your travel destination.

Page and Cooper leather travel wallet

So next time you’re packing for a trip and contemplating airport security pack your valuables safely using our travel wallet and when the time comes to remove your shoes, belt, and empty your pockets at security, your valuables will be safely tucked inside our elegant travel wallet.

Page and Cooper protective travel wallet

Finally, the Page and Cooper watch storage case. The case is made of stronger stuff than plastic alternatives elsewhere. Handmade exclusively for us in Italy the Page and Cooper watch case has been designed by us to store up to six watches safely and securely.

Page and Cooper watch storage case

 This attractive storage case is upholstered with synthetic leather embossed with our winged logo and offers superior protection. The interior is lined with cushioning soft velour fabric and angled cushions to hold six watches of various sizes and types securely. Both at home and in transit; when taking your collection away with you on holiday keep them safe.

Page and Cooper watch storage case

From all of us here at Page and Cooper, happy travels this summer! If you want to find out more about any of our travel accessories or we can be of any further assistance then please don’t hesitate to get in touch