Exclusively affordable

At Page and Cooper we are always happy to chat with our customers. It’s our way of learning what you like, need and want. Although the call we had the other day asking for a watch for bare knuckle fighting left us a bit stumped!

Autodromo black dial

However one thing that really upsets us is when people say, ‘that’s all I have to spend’, or ‘if I could afford a better watch.’ At Page and Cooper we don’t sell inferior watches, just beautiful and intriguing watches that have different attributes and features. And all of them are specifically chosen by us.

Let’s take a look at two of our ‘affordable’ watches from two very exciting watch companies: 

Autodromo came to the fore a few years ago with their spectacular watches inspired by the golden era of motor racing. They were an immediate success and models sold out quickly and have now become quite sought after…and no, we don’t have any more Monoposto watches! We have enquiries virtually every day.

Autodromo capture the hearts of watch fans, car fans and fans of good design alike. This is due to the care and attention to detail that they lavish on each and every one of their watches. Unique cases, hand-made straps, high quality Swiss Quartz and Japanese automatic movements with individually designed cases. They even design their own boxes.

And now Autodromo have launched the new Prototipo, a stunning new chronograph inspired by legendary road races of the late 60’s including the Vic Elford edition celebrating Vic’s famous victory in the Targa Florio,


From a watch enthusiast’s point of view, this will be the first time we have seen the intriguing Mechaquartz movement. The first time that a mechanical chronograph has been mated to a quartz movement. This movement offers something absolutely unique, giving you the satisfying mechanical click and instant reset of a traditional mechanical chronograph or stopwatch with the accuracy and simplicity of quartz. We are certainly adding one to our personal collection and can’t wait to have a ‘play’.

Watchmaker Elliot Brown have excited us from the moment we met them. The Canford and Bloxworth models have been created by a team with over 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing watches tough enough to survive extreme sports such as surfing, climbing and mountain boarding. Uniquely Elliot Brown have merged this rugged go anywhere construction with a more sophisticated aesthetic. 

Elliot Brown

Careful, and we mean very careful, selection of materials and considered design have borne some innovative and unique features. An example would be Elliot Brown’s unique movement holder made from soft iron as opposed to the usual plastic. This protects the movement and absorbs any shock that the watch and the movement may experience. 

Elliot Brown use only high quality Swiss movements and let us assure you that there is a world of difference between a high quality quartz movement and those used in ‘other’ watches. The Elliot Brown Chronograph has a split second function that allows you to stop the chronograph mid timing, take a reading, leaving the chronograph still running and timing. Once pressed again the chronograph catches up with itself. Genius! Perfect for timing laps, cycle races and all sorts of events. A watch for all seasons as intended.

Elliot Brown

What is intriguing for us is that our customers just love watches and we have collectors with collections valued at many thousands, buying Autodromo and Elliot Brown watches just as those of us on a more limited budget. Together we enjoy a common love of intriguing watches. 

So, if you’re looking for an affordable watch this Christmas then don’t hesitate to look at one of these great accessible watch makers you’ll be in good company!