Introducing the New Fortis Flieger Pro


The pretty village of Grenchen, in Switzerland, has been home to Fortis watches for over 100 years.

As one enters the Company’s glorious Art Deco building, the first thing that greets the eye is row upon row of photographs illustrating illustrious Fortis users from all over the world. Not only astronauts and cosmonauts, but also pilots, both civilian and military, who have relied on Fortis to produce their highly reliable and efficient Pilots' watches for more than 50 years.

With over 20 years in Space, one might expect there to be many photos of astronauts and cosmonauts in this place but it’s not until you assess each of the photographs in detail that you realise how many aviation squadron units and civilian flying organisations have also identified Fortis watches to be their preferred choice.


Please note that when we say ‘choice' we find that many of the watches have been private commissions which means organisations have not only selected the watches, but paid for them as well!

To name but a few organisations (whilst realising that there are others which we would love to share with you but cannot due to confidentiality agreements) there are the Tornado’s of German’s Immelmann 51, the F16’s of the Portuguese Air Force, the 25th Anniversary of NATO AWACS “Airborne Warning and Control System, the MIG 29’s of Hungary’s 47th Tactical Fighter Squadron, the F-18’s of the US Navy’s VFA 83 and the Sukhoi’s SU-27’s of the Russian Knights Display Squadron and indeed Fortis produced a watch for the 50th Anniversary of the NATO Tiger Meet. This is just a SMALL selection of professional pilots who have used or are using Fortis watches!

All of us at Page and Cooper are proud to be the Official Distributors and After-Sales Agents for Fortis Watches in the UK.


At Page and Cooper, we have a rare and in-depth technical understanding of everything that goes on inside the case and our relationship with the fine folks at Grenchen is up front and personal. They value the fact that when explaining complex information, we are able to understand every word and so, when Fortis decided to replace their venerable Flieger Classic, we, the company AND ourselves, knew that this was a serious step to undertake.

The original Flieger Classic introduced in 1987 had won both many awards and an army of loyal fans. It also picked up the first European Aviation Watch award in 2004, some 17 years after its introduction! That’s how advanced a watch it was.


We are privileged to have been given some sneak peeks at this significant new Fortis development. We have received the first examples of the new aviation watch which has a new name, the Fortis Flieger Pro. It is an entirely new design from the case up. The new case is beautifully finished with a combination of brushed and polished surfaces and, for the first time, a glass display back as standard. Of particular note is the new dial, which is exemplary and shows the real difference that fine Swiss craftsmanship makes. With raised numerals and indices, and particularly fine surface detail, the Flieger Pro succeeds in being both legible and, at the same time, luxurious. Of course Fortis superb and generous super luminova ensures superb low light legibility.

Available in both 3-hand and chronograph formats, Fortis employ trusted and reliable movements from ETA whose factory, also being based in the village of Grenchen is but a short walk away. This proximity ensures close co operation, quality and consistency.  


The Fortis Flieger Pro is available on a wide variety of straps and there is a superb bracelet option too.

We hope you enjoy our new video taking a detailed look at the new Fortis Flieger Pro family. Both 3-hand and chronograph are available to order today.

To be one of the first to wear this outstanding new Fortis watch, contact Jonathan or Josh at Page and Cooper. We love talking watches.