Fortis...the time has come

At Page and Cooper we pride ourselves on being quick to spot all interesting, intriguing and innovative developments coming from within the watchmaking industry. Thus the vibes reaching us from Grenchen, the Swiss headquarters of Fortis watches, located at the foot of the Jura valley (heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry) had us catching the next flight to investigate further.

Still proudly independent after 100 years of watchmaking, Fortis have been far more influential in the field of watchmaking than they are often given credit for.

From the first automatic watch developed together with its British inventor John Harwood to the award winning Flieger Chronograph introduced specifically for pilots in 1987 and then to Fortis Cosmanaut watches, continually in space since 1994 and now the official watches of the Russian space programme, Fortis have been ahead of the field. As we type this Fortis hold the record for the longest continuous time in space with more than 100,000 earth orbits and at this very moment Fortis watches tick away in the silence of space on board the ISS above us.

And so to the exciting news that subsequent to our visit, Page and Cooper are appointed exclusive Fortis dealers and official distributors for the UK. We will introduce you to exciting and exclusive editions and new additions to the world of Fortis fine watches.

Fortis have renamed their collections to further stand apart from other brands that whilst using a similar name in no way have the experience, or enjoy the heritage that Fortis have achieved. So now in the Fortis range we have Aviatis for aviation ranges, Aquatis for marine ranges and Cosmanautis for the space range.

 For watch lovers there are stimulating new watches in each range. Let's start with the exclusive Blue Horizon range. Using a classic Fortis Flieger design, Fortis have added an eye-catching sunray brown dial, modern black luminova numbers and attractive sky blue luminova highlights thus creating a totally unique piece. Numbers are extremely restricted, 135 are being made with a stainless steel case and 135 are being made with black PVD. Because of the popularity of Fortis worldwide only 5 of each are allocated to the UK. They will be a very exclusive ownership proposition.

The ever popular Aquatis range, popular with sea going enthusiasts has a handy large grip bezel, ideal for wet and cold conditions and has been further enhanced by striking new colours, introduced both for clarity and for fun! Orange, Blue and Red will be available.

We rise from the sea and into orbit with two new space models with new Monolith 3 hand and chronograph models. Eschewing numbers in favour of Monolith indices makes for a clearer and cleaner dial design.

And lastly, a Fortis footnote. The company have recognised the need to adapt to the ever changing demand for contemporary strap design for style and performance. There is more variety of style, material and colour including high performance waterproof leather straps and, at last, a high quality PVD bracelet with each individual component fully PVD coated to the highest tolerance. Fortis would not be rushed to sell these straps until they had them exactly how they wanted.

Demand is sure to be high for these new Fortis ranges and so if you would like to delve deeper or reach higher into this new Page and Cooper collaboration, please order ASAP or call us with any questions you may have. As usual, we are here to help.