Hot Off The Press: Models of the Geneva Motorshow 2013

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The Geneva Motorshow 2013 is now over, and what a show it was. New Hypercars include the Ferrari LaFerrari, the Lamborghini Veneno, the McLaren P1 and at long last, the beautiful Alfa Romeo 4C in its final form.   Hot on the heels of the show we introduce our new models of the very cars that have only just been revealed to the public for the first time.    How is this possible? It's usually years before the scale model of a new car is released, so how are we able to offer the model so quickly? Well, it's simple. The manufacturers want to display miniatures on their stand as much we want to enjoy them in our collections. They love models as much as we do!   There is no better way to appreciate the beauty, intricacy and style of a car than ‘in hand’. How often have you read a car review which says 'looks much better in the metal'?   No photograph, computer image or fancy 3D rendering can capture how the design works as a whole and particularly how colour choices impact upon it.    It is for this reason that manufactures adorn their very exotic stands with the same models you can purchase from us. Remember our model makers have unique access to the most secret projects in today’s motoring world. Direct access to the project teams blueprints, wind tunnel models and of course the exotic palette of colours that manufactures use. Our models are painted in exactly the same paint as the real cars. Even some of the paint mixes are top secret. For instance the Alfa 4C’s gorgeous Matt Lava Red which takes several layers of different colours to achieve.   The models we have for your selection are exactly the same as those that adorn the multi-million dollar stands that their full size counterparts shine on and are only given to selected VIP's.   It is important to realise that each of these models are handmade in Italy and in very limited numbers...once they are sold out we cannot obtain any more. So their rarity and value is assured.
Our exciting models include: Alfa Romeo 4C McLaren P1 McLaren P1 - 'Race-Mode'  Lamborghini Veneno