The Glycine Combat Sub Series, Our Exclusive Video

1They say a picture is worth a thousand words, with the internet and YouTube, a video is priceless.

Thus, to enlighten and entertain, we will be presenting our own exclusive videos shot with as much care as possible and will describe many of the features and the details of our fabulous range.

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In this video we feature the fantastic Glycine Combat Sub range. Glycine watches developed the Combat Sub and have created a range of stylish and beautifully detailed diver’s watches, with at least one in the range suitable for every occasion.

We keep nearly all of the range in stock. Whilst the watches share the same basic components and features, it’s amazing how a different finish, bezel and strap changes the whole appearance.

The ‘Combat Sub’ is fast becoming a classic, not surprising considering Glycine’s heritage as a watch making pioneer.  

Glycine watches are made in limited runs at Glycine’s factory in Bienne, Switzerland.

Glycine - 99 years of consecutive watchmaking
Glycine - Pioneer of aviation watches with 25 generations of the AIRMAN Watch since 1953
Glycine - One of the first 23 watch brands at Basel Fair

For more information, read our exclusive interview with Stefan Lack CEO Glycine Watches.

At Page and Cooper we like to keep in stock as wide a range of watches as possible. Each watch that we carry has its own unique appeal and features. 

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