Gulf The Legend Continues

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There is no other film that captures so evocatively the spirit of 1970's racing than Steve McQueen's classic movie 'Le Mans'. 

The film was both produced by and starred the legendary ‘King of Cool’ Steve McQueen, who played Michael Delaney. Although there is precious little in the way of plot or dialogue, the spirit and the fashions of the time are brilliantly captured. One can almost supply one's own 'smell track' of the petrol (gas), the oil, the brakes, etc. to accompany the pictures of the huge crowds, many of whom camped out for days just to claim their own 'poll position'. The pits, the teams and the cars, mainly Porsche's and Ferrari’s, are beautifully photographed and there are thrills galore for petrol heads and others to enjoy. Although McQueen is the star of the film, the Gulf Porsche 917's 20, 21 and 22 will be forever associated with Le Mans racing of the time.

The Gulf input extended to the Gulf clothing worn by the drivers, pit crews, mechanics and even the team principals. To this day the orange and blue Gulf livery evokes memories of a unique period in motor sport. In fact, today, some 40 years later, this livery is still featured on road and race cars, bikes, boats and even aircraft.

We at Page and Cooper are delighted to offer a new seasons clothing that pays homage to the period. Handmade and in limited numbers, we feature Gulf Racing clothing from the film or with an additional modern twist. Included in the collection is the strictly limited edition Michael Delany range replicating his personal costume from the film including accessories such as his rain jacket, helmet bag and even his blue Gulf helmet. Our selection also includes luggage and accessories to suit every occasion and/or journey.

If, by chance, you have never seen the film, we suggest you obtain your own copy or explore YouTube. Immerse yourself in its ambience, step back in time and recapture a truly romantic period in the history of motor racing.