Hanhart's Illustrious Pilot's Watches

Hanhart plane

Pilot's watches in one form or another have been present in the cockpit since the earliest days of flight. At first navigation was carried out using pocket watches. Wristwatches specially designed for use in flying were a rare item.

Hanhart produced its first pilot's watch in 1938. It was a one-button chronograph "Calibre 40" with a black dial, luminous numerals and only a small distance between the hands and the dial which allowed speedy and unimpaired legibility when reading the time in both bright as well as dark  conditions.

 Hanhart factory

Two now legendary Hanhart watches, the "Tele" and the "Calibre 41" were added to the range in 1939. These two watches didn’t show any military information. Both sported rotating bezels, luminous hands and red painted buttons for ease of operation. 

A variant, with only one chronograph button enabled a single timer action and reset.

In watches with two buttons, the top button operated time measurement which could be halted and activated as necessary. The lower button instantly operated a zero reset (fly back function). The red marked bezel when aligned with a minute hand recorded given flying distances.

Hanhart bezel

The Hanhart bezel has become an integral part of many watches produced by the company. This feature, the bi-directional fluted bezel with the inlaid red marking originally had one function. It allowed lap times to be measured and it also guaranteed safe and secure handling. Over the years the Hanhart bezel has become an instantly recognisable feature of Hanhart watches unique to the company.

The wristwatch chronographs of the Gutenbach-based company were manufactured in the main for Air Force Pilots and Navy Officers and there was a choice of case design. The design was simplified. The dial, clear and uncluttered mirrored contemporary cockpit instrument design of the time.

 Hanhart Chronograph

True to its traditions Hanhart currently produces pilot watches which pay homage to the clear inspired designs of 1938. Making use of 21st century technology allows the Pioneer Monocontrol to be the perfect example of a classic Pilot watch. The black or silver dial with luminescent indices is reduced to essentials. Legibility is the keynote here.

There is an increase in case size by 2mm to 42mm and there is a date window at 6. Water resistant to 10 bar, the watches are powered by a new HAN3911 movement with a 42 hour power reserve. 

All the chronograph functions of this unique wristwatch, namely, start, stop and zero settings are now controlled from one button and always in the same sequence. The automatic chronograph movement which is based on the trustworthy calibre Valjoux 7750 has been re-engineered in Hanhart's own workshops using the module from La Joux-Perret.

Today the Pioneer Monocontrol meets all specifications for professional Pilots watches "Made in Germany”. You can watch our latest video review of the Pioneer Monocontrol below:

Page and Cooper are proud to be the sole UK Authorised dealer for Hanhart watches. With a very limited production we think all watch fans should add an example of this classic and unique brand to their collection!