All the time in the world

From time to time all of us, whether we want to or not, find ourselves in a shopping centre. Whilst they may be considered ‘temples to modern retail’ by some, there is not much to interest your average 'bloke' So here we find ourselves one rainy Saturday afternoon 'eyes glazed' drifting from level to level.


What to do? Let’s check out the jewellers’ windows and see what they have to offer in the way of interesting, innovative watches. What do we find? Incredibly, in one medium sized centre with four jewellery stores, the same four or five brands feature in every window. The same brands, that dominate the 'Sunday supplements' every week.

Nothing new, nothing innovative, in fact nothing to arouse the interest of a true watch fan. 


Page and Cooper was founded to counter this attitude, we know our customers are passionate in their desire for watch knowledge so we like to seek out new and interesting brands to boldly go where no watch retailer has gone before. We love brands that have remained hidden for many years and have retained that wonderful ethos of craft before commerce. 

We pride ourselves, justifiably we believe, on our knowledge of what we sell and how it will work for you. And quite frankly if you ask us a question and we don’t know the answer, we will find it out!

At Page and Cooper we bring you watches that give you joy in their engineering, beauty, technical innovation and heritage. So if you want to engage with a specialist who understands today’s fascinating watch industry, then please give us a call.