Horage - Watches Worth Waiting For

They say the best things come to those that wait, and in the world of watchmaking, never a truer word can be said. Our relationship with Horage actually began when we were given a tip off about this revolutionary new Swiss watch manufacturer in 2015. Fascinated, we reached out to them and have been in friendly and frequent contact since then, but Horage were not ready.

To be honest, we would rather a watchmaker said they were taking time to learn and develop, than to come to our beloved customers too early and in these days of instant gratification, we must value watchmaking for what it truly is, an art and not a commodity. So what is Horage and why do we find it so fascinating?K1

The story began in 2007. Not a great year to start a new watch brand but with measured goals and founders from within the watch industry, Horage decided to go its own way. Deciding early on to make its own movement, so as not to be reliant on the whims and foibles of the Swiss Watch industry, Horage chose to make its own unique path. Sometimes adversity is the mother of all invention and Horage made the most of the new digital era of communication and the new method of crowdfunding to develop their very own movement, the K1. The K1 is a modular movement which features a 65 hour power reserve and can provide the basis for 18 different dial layouts (big date, small date, small second, power reserve indicator) The K1 movement can achieve COSC standards.


However, Horage’s mission is to bring high level Swiss watchmaking to as many people as possible and adding formal Swiss Certification would add cost which they deemed simply without merit for its clients. Using this movement, Horage have created a considered collection of 5 individual watch models all of which can be customised to the clients requirements to a multitude of complication and dial variants with a number of colour and strap options. Choose what you desire.


Every element of a Horage watch shows extensive attention to detail and the plethora of case and dial options would cover several articles on their own, but if we take just a few elements, look at the hardened titanium sase of the 10th Anniversary Autark. Yes, the K1 movement is celebrating its 10th anniversary, or the or the intricacies of the meteorite dial and rehault of the Solar Wind there is much to see.


Now one thing we stress time and time again, is that watchmaking is small, and in the large part, friendly and we at page and Cooper love nothing more than putting our friends and our watchmakers together, so it is with great pleasure and pride that the Horage team will be joining us at World Time for their UK debut. So meet the people who make the watches and if you’re as impressed as we are and would like to add one of these unique watches to your collection, why not discuss the World of Horage with the people who will actually make your watch.

Page and Cooper, a specialist Independent Watch Retailer, are proud to be appointed sole Authorised Dealers in the U.K. for Horage. A fantastic example of the new and emerging watchmakers, the future of horology.