I Have A Secret.....G-Shock Watch

secret stamp


And it’s something I’ve never shared with anyone before!

My first foray into watch collecting on a personal level were not prestigious Swiss brands, or even German ones. They were in fact G-Shock watches.

What I found fascinating was not just innovation, it was free thinking. In 1981 Kikou Ibe and his ‘Team Tough’ were innovative in realising his Triple 10 Concept for tough watches (3x10 : 10 years battery life, 10 bar water resistance and a watch that could survive a fall of 10 feet) It took over 200 prototypes to perfect the technology.

There are a number of special project watches that G-Shock release each year. We spent many hours privately sourcing special G-Shocks from all over the World. Frogman were our particular fascination and enjoyed the variety of styles, technologies and unique editions. However that was in the past and G-Shock largely drifted from our minds, but in a recent visit to a Red Bar London event, we were fascinated by the shear variety of G-Shocks present.


Maybe it was serendipity but the very next day we had a phone call from a very old contact of ours. The watch industry is very small, much smaller than you would imagine. This contact now worked for Casio Japan, and knowing Page and Cooper’s interest in the unique, asked if we were interested in becoming a specialist Premium G-Shock Dealer. It was a proud moment for us to be recognised as enthusiasts with knowledge.


At Page and Cooper work with brands we like, price, prestige and glamour are not what fascinates us. Design, construction innovation and history are much more interesting. So we spent many hours researching, sourcing and rare G-Shocks from all over the world. Now Page and Cooper will be selling Premium G-Shock models, the unique, the unusual and the rare. But for us selling is not the end, we want to give you access to unique and unusual G-Shock models, access into the heart of G-Shock with some unique interviews and stories and, of course, some very special models.


We’ve already taken delivery of 2 shipments of the much sought after and much desired GA-2100 (the Casioak as it has become affectionately known) and they both sold out within an hour! We’ve already been briefed on the new releases for 2020 and we can tell you there is some exciting developments coming, but just like the GA-2100 supply, will be very limited. But, and here is the important part, we need your support! We are being watched, the more interest we bring, the more access we will get to Casio and the G-Shock vault and the more special G-Shocks we will bring, but bear in mind that these models are in demand all over the world, in some cases there will be less than 5 available so come let’s show Japan we love G-Shock and help us bring you some exclusive G-Shock models ......a P&C G-Shock, now that would be nice wouldn’t it!