Interview with Damasko Founder - Konrad Damasko

Page and Cooper are proud to be associated with one of today’s most innovative and exciting watchmakers. We have the pleasure of talking with the Damasko family on a daily basis. 

We grabbed a few minutes with founder Konrad Damasko to chat about his watches and the watch industry in general.



How did you become involved in the watch business?

I’ve always loved high-precision engineering, since I was a small boy, trying to create something that was not only built for exceptional performance but also for its beauty. At first time it was only a hobby but it became a vocation. After a career in industry I eventually founded Damasko Metallbearbeitung (who produce over 5 million metal components for instruments as diverse as satellites, fountain pens, piston rods and surgical instruments). The experience working with special materials and technology allowed us to enter the watchmaking business in a unique way.

How long have you been involved in the watch business?

Damasko Uhren was founded as a separate business in 1994, and is run by my wife Petra.

What is the one thing you are most proud of in your career so far?

The development of our EPS® balance spring made of polycrystalline silicon and the development of our 2 in-house movements which feature a completely new and patented ratchet winding system. This features a special 4-point micro hybrid bearings and the rotor bearing which work without any lubricants due to the combination of our unique in-house materials.

What training do your crafts people have?

They are all qualified master watchmakers.

How long does it take to make one time piece?

One week.

What new techniques or materials have you seen arrive in the last few years?

Diamond-like coating and silicon, but at Damasko we are always developing new materials and techniques to create a technically superior watch which should perform to the highest of standards.

The wristwatch has seen a dramatic rise in popularity over the last few years, where do you think this passion has come from?

A return to traditional values. An item should be built to last, something to cherish and not discard as fashions change.

What do you think of the trend for making larger time pieces?

We think a watch should be wearable and if the watch is too large, it won’t be wearable. We think the maximum is 44-45mm.



How much importance do you think the strap commands?

We think the most suitable strap for a watch is a leather strap. We offer a variety of finishes and fastenings.

How do you see the watch market growing over the next few years?

We think there will be a positive and rising market, people really understand and value the intricacies of a fine timepieces.

Are your customers spread evenly across the world or are they predominantly from the same areas?

Our customers are spread all over the world, however Damasko are not a mass produced watch, when you own a Damasko you belong to a small and very special group.

What is the latest product that most excites you?

Our new DC 86 chronograph.

What three facts would you like your customers to know about your brand?

Our company stands for: reliability, longevity, innovation

What challenges face the industry over the next few years?

The watch industry need good movements with must continue to innovate

Which watch do you wear?

DC 66 and DK 12



Damasko have invested extensively in world class production facilities and have the ability to work with hard metals or those that would be impossible to machine with traditional techniques. Their specialised machinery is able to cut intricate contours and delicate cavities that would be difficult to produce with traditional cutting tools. Metals that can be machined with EDM include: hastalloy, hardened tool-steel, titanium, carbide, inconel and kovar.

As an example, Damasko have created some amazing key rings for Page and Cooper. Featuring Damasko’s own ice-hardened, nickel-free stainless steel hardened up to superior 60 HRC Scratch and corrosion resistant. The Page and Cooper Wings logo has been recreated in amazing detail. Available in our store now.

If you have any questions regarding Damasko and their fine watches then just give us a call or send us an email....we’ll be happy to find the right Damasko for you.