Exclusive Video Interview of Thilo Muhle of Muhle Glashutte

       The difference between Page and Cooper and other watch retailers is that we are so passionate and enthusiastic about what we do. More importantly, we know how passionate our customers are too! There are legions of watch enthusiasts who really do want to know every detail about how their watches are designed, manufactured and maintained.   So when Thilo Mühle of Mühle Glashütte watches offered us an exclusive and forensic tour of his 5th generation Glashutte factory, we jumped on the first available plane and headed at full speed (safely on the autobahn of course) to Mühle’s Saxonian home in the legendary watch making town of Glashütte.   In the sometimes secretive world of watchmaking, it is a rare opportunity indeed when you are given full and unrestricted access to an entire watch manufacturing and design facility.   From the moment we met, Thilo was the most charming and affable host, a watch maker, who wanted to share every part of his family's watch making tradition with the enthusiast. Thilo gave Page and Cooper a fascinating insight into his world and his views on all things horological;
Part 1: 
  Part 2:  
  We always take both a still and a video camera with us on such visits and we didn't miss this opportunity to grab some valuable material for our customers.   Thilo was very happy to share his views, not only the history of his family, but also the manufacturing, design and maintenance of his watches. We even did an exclusive joint review of the soon to be released SAR Anniversary Timer.   We actually ran out of space on all of our memory cards....We’ve learnt our lesson now!
So if you're looking for a Mühle Glashütte watch and have any questions at all, then just give us a call or drop us an email. We love what we do and we love sharing our knowledge with you, our customers. We will find you the right watch for you.