Introducing a Page and Cooper Exclusive – The Sinn BLU1


Excitement at Page and Cooper has been building for many months and now, at long last, we are able to share with you, customers and friends, some great news.

2017 sees us celebrate our 5th year of partnership with our good friends at Sinn Spezialuhren in Frankfurt. We've come a long way since our first visit to the factory during the freezing cold winter of 2012. The temperature was -12°C by the way!

Since that time we have sold many, many Sinn watches and made lasting friendships with both the specialist craftsmen at Sinn and new owners & devotees of the brand.

To mark our fifth year of partnership with the Company and our recent appointment as Sinn's fully equipped service facility within the UK, we have been working together to create a very special timepiece and today, for the first time, we can present it to you.


The Sinn U1 is an acknowledged modern classic, a dive watch crafted with steel supplied by Thyssen Krupp Marine Systems. This steel is the same as used on the external hull of the 212 class submarine. With its classic dial and hands and Tegimented captive bezel, the U1 is actually certified as diving approved equipment by DNV GL to an extreme 125bar.

During our many discussions with Sinn about the construction of this watch, we enquired about the ultra attractive possibility of a Blue U1. As our mutual enthusiasm grew and we worked further with the Company, the name blue U1 morphed into BLU1.


And so today, it is with great pleasure that we are able to offer you a Sinn/Page and Cooper exclusive, The BLU1.

We have worked long and hard to design a watch that will celebrate the actual extreme function of this watch. We are fascinated by the fact that light will not travel as far as the BLU1 can dive to the depths of the Ocean and therefore our dial format follows the layers of water just as sunlight behaves in similar circumstances. Euphotic, disphotic and finally aphotic.


Both Sinn and ourselves at Page and Cooper were delighted with the first prototypes and noted that the test dials were marked BLU1. Dials perfected, we knew that we had to make this a unique limited edition for the UK. And it is the first ever Sinn strictly limited edition for the UK only. Perhaps we are somewhat pedantic, but in our eyes, a limited edition should be just that. This week alone there is news of limited editions in the watch industry of more than 7000 pieces!

That doesn't sit well with us. So to ensure that the Sinn/Page and Cooper limited edition will be just that we will make just 50 pieces in total and it doesn't end just there. When working with the prototypes we could not make our minds up which we liked best, the stainless steel U1 or the all black fully Tegimented U1 S. So we are going to make both!


To ensure the rarity and exclusivity of the BLU1, there will be only 35 stainless steel BLU1s and just 15 all black fully Tegimented BLU1 S.

In total there will be just 50 BLU1s made, a true limited edition.

Now there is one more very significant piece of information for us to disclose. The original Sinn factory, in Frankfurt am Main opened in 1961, will shortly close. Our Sinn BLU1s will be the very last watches produced on this historic site.


Sinn Spezialuhren will relocate to their New Company Headquarters at Wilhelm-Fay-Straße 21, 65936 Frankfurt am Main in late 2017.

To commemorate this significant event in Sinn’s history Mr Lothar Schmidt, the owner of Sinn Spezialuhren, together with Jonathan Bordell of Page and Cooper will sign a special numbered certificate for each and every Sinn BLU1.


The BLU1 will be a very rare and significant Sinn watch and marks a significant moment in history for both Sinn and Page & Cooper. A must for the Sinn enthusiast.

In conclusion, we know that there are a large number of passionate Sinn enthusiasts who will not wish to lose this opportunity. We also see many classic Sinn watches booked into our Sinn Service facility for expert and sympathetic service and restoration. We are equipped with all relevant Sinn machinery and technology. This is a highly sought after brand and if you've never owned one before perhaps this is a good time to start.