Introducing Brew Watches


With a keen eye for the very latest in the world of horology, we are lucky to regularly have the honour of being able to examine new watches – be it prototypes from established brands, or pre-production models from new watchmaking ateliers. 

Whilst it is always nice to evaluate watches in a technical manner, it is so important that the design of a watch echoes the passion and creativity of its designer. We firmly believe that the longer that you wear a watch, the more its aesthetics and qualities should appeal to you.

So it was with great pleasure that we heard from New York based Jonathan Ferrer – founder and creator of Brew Watches. Jonathan has designed a fascinating watch in the HP-1, which in our opinion is a really interesting contemporary design with classic elements and details.

Now, Jonathan will tell you that his concept for Brew is based upon his love of coffee and its culture – the simple pleasure of relaxing and savouring a cup of coffee can be likened to the way we also enjoy telling the time by a fine watch, and this became one of the guiding principles of his design language.


Now at this point, your author must make a confession, I am not a coffee fan. In fact, I have never drunk a cup of coffee in my life, and in this matter I must refer to Josh and his tales of ‘bean to cup’ (indeed Josh has his own Cafétiere here at P&C!) However as a true patriot I can appreciate a fine cup of tea, so indeed a Brew does make sense here in the UK.

Thankfully, we all love watches here at Page and Cooper and we all really enjoyed trying the HP-1. 


At 38mm, the compact and bold lug-less case is perfectly sized, and yes the ladies of P&C enjoyed wearing it too! A raised bezel is topped by a charming domed sapphire crystal with a flat top, and the brushed case is available in three finishes – stainless steel, PVD ‘Dark Brew’, and rose gold.

The dial – silver on the stainless steel model and black on the gold and ‘Dark Brew’ models – is a model of clarity and it’s only when you look closely that you see that there are minute markers in the last 10 minutes of the scale. A date window features at 6 o’clock, keeping the dial nicely symmetrical.


There is a conical crown at the 3 o'clock positions which is marked with a coffee bean. Turn the watch over and you will see and grooved case back and small ‘inspection port’, which exposes part of the classic Seiko NH35a movement to the wearer - much like a pressure gauge would for a Barista on their classic Espresso Machine.


Now, mention must be made of the fact that all Brew HP-1 watches come with a matching bracelet which continues the industrial theme. It is beautifully engineered, with split pin construction and an integrated clasp. It’s a wonderful addition and completes the Brew package.

We’ve all fallen a little for the HP-1 and we call it SSC. Simple, subtle and charming.