Introducing Chronoswiss


As technology and connectivity march on at lightning speed, we at Page and Cooper have seen a growing appreciation and fascination amongst our clients for watchmakers who really push the envelope, and move the art of a fine watch to even higher levels of creativity and mechanical functionality. 

We are proud to announce our latest partnership with a brand whom we believe to be one of the most innovative watch manufacturers of the last 30 years. Chronoswiss are renowned for crafting the finest contemporary Regulator watches, peerless in quality and attention to detail, at Lake Lucerne; so we are delighted to present their new range to you now.

The Regulator, in brief, is a very classical mechanical design, whereby the dial’s timekeeping functions are isolated in separate registers. The hours, minutes and seconds each have their own aperture, but the main centrally-mounted hand makes the minutes clearly visible for the accurate measuring of time.

Skeleton Chronoswiss

Regulators grew to popularity by those to measure time professionally, an example of ‘regulators’ were used by the ever growing railway network through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, timing the departure and arrival of trains. Another example was in watch manufacturing where a regulator clock or pocket watch was used in final timing control of every watch manufacturer to fine tune the exact setting of time as watches finished production. In fact even today we send our watches for ‘regulation’ after every service.

The man notable for bringing the Regulator watch to fame was world-renowned watchmaker Gerd Lang; a key figure in the resurgence of the mechanical watch industry, with a background designing and building chronograph movements.

With a background in chronographs, Lang worked with Heuer in the 1960’s and served as an official timekeeper working with Steve McQueen for the classic film Le Mans due to his close relationship with Motorsport. Lang served as an official timekeeper for Formula One races throughout the 1970’s and was an official timekeeper at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.

Lang’s wealth of experience led to the creation of Chronoswiss in the 1980's, which he ran for nearly 30 years, until his retirement in 2012. It was his wish that his brand remains independent and family owned; so in 2012, husband and wife team Oliver and Eva Ebstein acquired Chronoswiss, based in an elegant factory in the Swiss lake town of Lucerne. Together, they launched the brand into a new era.

Chronoswiss produce some of the market’s most unique and contemporary watches in-house; with beautifully made cases, finely-detailed engraved dials, and manufacturer complications of which Chronoswiss own several patents.

Chronoswiss Black and Red

With the help of their master watchmaking team, the Ebsteins have continued to innovate; introducing the new Flying Regulator that’s received awards from GQ Time and Uhrenmagazin.

Today, Chronoswiss’ small and highly skilled team produce a very limited number of watches every year and are also happy to undertake custom work.

We hope you will join us on our fascinating journey into Chronoswiss’ world. Please stay tuned as we delve deeper into the range over the coming weeks.

Watch our in-depth interview with Chronoswiss CEO Oliver Ebstein to find out what makes them tick: