A visit to a very British Watch Maker, Garrick Watches

Garrick Watches

City of Norwich, Regional Administrative Centre and County Town of Norfolk. Perhaps not a place you would immediately think of as a centre of excellence for the manufacture of fine British watches. Colmans world famous Mustard yes, they've been here for 200 years, but superb British timepieces?

So, for once I did not have to get up in the middle of the night, drive to an airport, face the inevitable queues and fly off to some remote part of Europe. Instead, a pleasant drive through the English countryside on a sunny morning and a couple of hours later I had arrived in Norwich at the workshops of Garrick.

The company, Garrick London, was established by David Brailsford and Simon Michlmayr in 2014. David, an erudite, well informed watch collector and Simon, a watchmaker with an impeccable horological pedigree. Tutored by the legendary Peter Roberts at The Hackney College, Simons expertise was further refined at the prestigious WOSTEP institution in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

Soon after the companys launch, their first watch the Shaftesbury SM301, was released. A beautifully simple, yet truly eye catching design following the principal that less is more, this stunning watch features two intertwined dials with a unique look to show the hours, minutes and seconds. Garricks watches are all individually handmade and one of the many features is the full display back which allows the wearer to show off to interested friends (and there will be many) the beauty of the heart of the watch which beats with the impressive accuracy of its free sprung balance. A triumphant resolution to a horological challenge.

Garrick watches are not mass produced. Far from it. The hands, dials and movement bridges are just some of the many components all made to exacting standards by hand in their own workshops.

And now Garrick have newly released their second timepiece, the Hoxton SM302. Like the Shaftesbury SM301 this piece features absolutely refined classic design and echoes the Garrick simplicity of style with a minute and hour dial. Using the traditional escapement, this wonderful watch still exhibits the Garrick attention to detail.

Page and Cooper visited Garrick to meet and talk with Simon Michlmayr, co-founder of the business. We were immediately struck by his knowledge, his passion for and fascination with, the craft and his personal involvement with every watch that leaves the workshop. In Garrick we see the resurgence of a range of superb British made timepieces at prices which we are extremely happy to recommend to our clients. You will be proud to have a Garrick in your collection.

And now I recommend you find a spare half hour, settle down with a favourite tipple and view the fascinating video which I made whilst visiting Garrick. Garrick watches really cut the mustard