Introducing MATWatches

Special Unit RAID

Page and Cooper are delighted to announce a very special new partnership with one of the last independent French watchmakers, MATWatches.


The adventure began in 2005 when MATWatches received an order from members of the elite French Special Forces unit, ‘RAID’, for a watch able to fulfil (and exceed) the needs of its highly professional servicemen and women.

The resulting AG1-RAID was watertight to 200m, featured anti-reflective 2.5mm thick sapphire crystal glass, and a 316L stainless steel caseback – able to withstand cryogenic temperatures.

MAT Caseback

Unsurprisingly, the AG1-RAID has since become an icon of the MATWatches brand.

The MATWatches workshop, located in the heart of Paris, is entirely devoted to assembling, controlling, overhauling and repairing MATWatches watches.

This level of internal organisation is necessary for MATWatches to demonstrate the utmost flexibility and reactivity in the design and manufacture of their products.

As a successful instrument in many major RAID operations since 2005, it wasn’t long until these watches attracted the attention of other Special Forces units from across France. 

Drawn to the superb performance, robustness, and easy-to-read dials of these automatic mechanical instruments, the demand for MATWatches timepieces spread.

Special Forces Soldier

The COS (headquarter of the special operations unit), French Foreign Legion, Paris fire fighters and the bomb squad of the French National Security, all ordered instruments from MATWatches, each with their own unique specifications.

"Legitimacy at the wrists of the armed forces on the ground"

MAT Watches in case

Unlike many watch brands, MATWatches have earned a reputation through the satisfied few that have had the privilege to wear them, and are now available to own as a collector.

As testament to their versatility, MATWatches are supplied with three interchangeable straps, in canvas, rubber and leather. A gesture that enables the immediate personalisation of a watch made for all eventualities.

MAT Watches in case

Passion, precision, know-how, and self-discipline. These are the traits MATWatches share with the world of watchmaking. The same reasons they are the number one choice of some of the worlds most prestigious military units.

As one of the last watchmakers of its kind, Page and Cooper are delighted to be a part of the story, and now you can be too.

Want to learn more? Join Jonathan as he discuses the history of MATWatches with brand owner Fabrice Pougez on our YouTube video