Introducing the Page and Cooper New & Featured Section

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Page and Cooper are delighted to introduce to you, our customers and friends, a brand new section of our website.

The New & Featured page is dedicated to keeping you updated on the most exciting new releases and highlighted pieces from our current ranges. There you'll find plenty of information, including photos, specifications, and of course our detailed videos.

We strive to keep the New Arrivals page updated daily to keep you in the loop, so you know exactly when your dream watch passes through our doors. 

Among the new watches that have made their debut in this section, is the masterfully constructed Sinn EZM 12.

Introduced for Baselworld 2017, it is a watch designed by, and for, emergency medical service pilots – individuals who live, and save lives in a critical ten-minute window known as ‘the platinum ten’.

Sinn EZM 12

A count-up inner rotating bezel allows emergency doctors to constantly keep an eye on the specified time frames, while a countdown outer rotating bezel enables the exact times for administering medication to be monitored.

The second hand, designed in the shape of a rotor, features an integrated pulse scale which enables easy recording of the heart rate every 15 seconds. 

EZM, meaning ‘mission timer’, is a Sinn series that has been around for decades, showcasing some of the industry's latest and greatest innovations.

Sinn EZM 12

Purpose built for some of the world’s most demanding professions, the EZM 12 stems from a long line of exceptional timepieces and is available to order now through the Page and Cooper website.

Also new to the site is the stunning 42mm Laco Paderborn Blaue Stunde classic pilots watch.

Featuring a specially developed new and unique blue sunray dial, this watch is available in both Type A and Type B dials, with a choice of automatic or hand-wound Swiss movements.

Laco Paderborn Blaue

With a classic and highly legible C3 superluminova, Laco has opted for a new treatment for their satinised stainless steel case, which gives a contemporary new look to a now timeless watch design.

There are some watch brands that not only stand the test of time but in the case of Laco, transcend their original purpose to become iconic.

During their inception, this manufacturer from Pforzheim, Germany became the pilot’s watch of choice for the burgeoning field of civil and military aviation, earning Laco the title of the original pilots watch.

The Laco Paderborn Blaue Stunde is available to pre-order now, and you can read more about Laco and their fortuitous story on our blog.

Featured products include this beautiful Damasko DA46 Glacier Blue Limited Edition, custom made specifically for Page and Cooper and absolutely unique.

Damasko AG47 Glacier Blue

Made with nickel-free ice-hardened stainless steel, 95% of Damasko components, including the movement, are made in-house.

Designed, assembled, and tested with the close involvement of just a handful of family watchmakers, the watch boasts a bi-directional bezel with an additional minute scale on the ring, hardened by the renowned DAMEST coating.

The crystal clear numerals and luminescent-coated indicators make the timepiece completely effortless to read and wear.

Approximately four times harder than your average timepiece, and able to withstand temperature fluctuations from -40C to Sahara-like +54C, these watches are known to wear down steel tweezers and iron nails before succumbing to damage themselves. For all intents and purposes, the DA46 is pretty much indestructible.

You can learn more about the Damasko DA46 in the video below.

 As is the case with all Damasko watches, you will have to move fast to secure yours.

These three watches represent just a selection of the wonderful timepieces available through our website, so do make sure to visit the New & Featured section to browse more watches with their own unique stories to tell.