Introducing Page and Cooper Watch Straps

Page and Cooper introduce watch straps

Do you have one pair of shoes? What would it be like to go for a run in a pair of brogues or go down to the beach in your wellies?

What is the relevance of this? Well you need different footwear for different occasions much like you might need a different watch style for different occasions.  

We want to give your wrist as many stylish options as your wardrobe…

Your watch is important to you and you want to wear it on as many occasions as possible but perhaps the strap supplied isn’t suitable for all those events.

Page and Cooper watch strap green

Let’s take one watch as an example and show you what I mean. Say you bought a stainless steel watch as your watch of choice. It has to travel with you to work, it has to be relaxed and comfortable on the weekend and ready for action on holiday with the rain, sun or indeed even snow.

So just like you change your clothes and shoes for a different occasion, we at Page and Cooper want to encourage you to change your watch strap to suit your different needs and styling.

Page and Cooper watch strap blue

We already offer a wide array of OEM straps from our manufacturers, but we know our great customers and know they are open to different ways to wear their watch. We’ve done our homework and met some wonderful strap makers from all over the world and commissioned some special straps to add versatility and colour to your wrists.

You may know that we have a great relationship with renowned tailor Timothy Everest. Tim has just finished work on the latest Mission Impossible film and the hotly anticipated James Bond film Spectre. We often chat to Tim about fashion style, trends and looks. He had a great suggestion of using colours that were interesting and above all bold for our latest watch straps.

Tim suggested lapis lazuli blue, a colour used by the 80’s designer Claude Montana, that’s rumoured to have calming properties. The colour is bold, has huge personality, and is very on trend for this season (according to Tim).

So to launch the Page and Cooper Strap Collection we had this very special blue mixed to our own specification and have produced just 50 sets of straps as a limited edition. This stylish, vibrant colour will compliment any watch! The straps are made for us in Italy out of genuine vanilla scented rubber and come in 20, 22 and 22mm rubber NATO.

The Page and Cooper strap collection includes a range of NATO rubber watch straps which come in a variety of colours and look stunning paired with many of our watches. Pick a colour, grab one of our Page and Cooper watch tools (more on this soon on the blog), and you can customise your favourite watch for any occasion to suit any outfit.

Page and Cooper blue watch strap

We also have a selection of other straps including material and canvas straps to choose from as well. You can take a closer look at all of our straps over on the accessories page. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about our watch straps or want to find out more about the limited edition lapis lazuli blue straps. 

You can also take a look at our video below for a more detailed look at our watch straps: