Introducing The Sinn EZM 12


If there was any watch that drew attentive admiration at this year’s Baselworld show, it was the brand new EZM 12 from Sinn.

2017 celebrates the 20th anniversary of the company's Mission Timers. Sinn's history is firmly rooted in constructing tried-and-tested instruments of quality for professionals and, from the earliest days, navigation clocks for pilots. Functionality, performance and reliability have been at the forefront of each and every design.

2017 sees the introduction of the EZM 12, a watch designed expressly for a very special and lifesaving purpose, and a watch embodying all the virtues of the Einsatzzeitmesser (German for Mission Timer).

This watch is for the use of the 'Helicopter Borne' emergency medical doctors service. It embodies EZM 12 technologies tailored to provide a critical lifesaving instrument.

Features of the EZM 12


An exterior bespoke cushion case made from tegimented stainless steel with a black tegimented bezel. For any readers who don't already know, Tegiment is Sinn's stainless steel that gives an extremely hard scratch resistant surface. There are two crowns; one for adjusting timekeeping, the other for rotating the internal bezel. The crown at two o'clock also encases the AR Dehumidifying crystal for Sinn's Ar-Dehumidifying Technology. It is this technology which provides functional reliability and freedom from fogging in temperatures from -45° to +80° centigrade. The Sinn case is also pressure resistant to 20 bar (200m) and resistant to negative pressure which is essential for high-altitude work.

When looking at the actual case of this watch, you can begin to appreciate the features designed for the watches' essential medical brief. The external bezel features a countdown scale, ideal for timing missions and/or administering the effect of treatments or medicines. The inner rotation bezel scale reflects both the Platinum 10 minutes when a patient is first stabilised, treated and prepared for transfer to hospital and the Golden hour when a patient duly arrives at the hospital for treatment.

Now let's take a look at the dial. The first thing to notice is Sinn's unique Pulse Rotor - a four-pronged seconds hand indicator The shape of a helicopter rotor, this feature enables easy recording of the heart rate at 15-second intervals. The white 'blade' is the actual second hand of the watch. Day/date is on the left of the dial, leaving the Pulse Scale uncluttered.


And now the movement. Sinn use an ETA ETA2836-2. A tried and trusted movement, further refined by Sinn technology. Using Sinn's own special oils, each movement is supplied in a hermetically sealed silver pack ready for installation. Of course, being an Aviation Mission Timer the EZM 12 features magnetic field protection up to 80,000 A/m.

This is a long blog, but there is so much more to tell about the technicalities of this wonderful Sinn design. Taking you into our confidence, we have heard from our good friends in Frankfurt that only 300 EZM 12s are being made worldwide. Although it's not being sold as a limited edition we think this is significant. The watch shares no components with any other Sinn watch; case, bezel and crown are unique to the EZM 12. That's intriguing and the reason that this writer has bought one.

Sinn EZM 12 In a box

At Page and Cooper we have a special relationship with Sinn and, acknowledging our expertise in the field of horology, they appointed us their centre for service in the UK. We alone have the machinery and the expertise to look after your watch from the moment of purchase and we look forward to you joining our growing number of devotees.